Ranking the 32 Capcom CPS1 Arcade Games from Worst to Best | Kim Justice - jadeusgames.com

Ranking the 32 Capcom CPS1 Arcade Games from Worst to Best | Kim Justice

Kim Justice
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Today we countdown the games of Capcom’s legendary arcade board, the CPS1. Obviously this list includes the likes of Street Fighter II, Final Fight and Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, but there’s some other obscurities you might not know that are well worth seeking out!

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  1. I'm a weirdo, but I'm going to put it on record that I played a lot of Quiz and Dragons as a kid and even growing up as an adult. It's hard to put yourself back to 1990 in order to get some of the trivia nowadays (especially anything sports based if you even knew sports) but for some reason it's one of my favorites from a nostalgia standpoint.

    I'm not arguing with it's place on this list, by all means, just saying that if anyone's going to champion QaD I'll step up, lol. I've beaten it a few times thanks to emulation and will never turn down firing it up if I'm bored and have the means.

  2. Gunishment…love it! Alabaster Codefide would very much approve ✝️

  3. How the feck can that whack-a-mole game be higher than Mega Twins and Magic Sword?

  4. I have to agree SFII Championship Edition was the most well balanced as I have it on PSP..

    Off topic one thing I wish fighters would implement like some boxing games is the option to turn off stamina bars.. Not knowing when a KO was going to come like real life would be very interesting..

  5. I'm getting sick and tired of people saying there are no original gaming videos on youtube because this is a perfect example of some great original content from a person that specializes in original gaming content. So many great memories playing a lot of great capcom arcade games in the early 90's and they really did an amazing job when it came to fighting games, beat'em up games, and shoot'em ups as well. I would love to see more videos like this looking at ranking the arcade games from a specific video game company from least favorite to most favorite. Another excellent video by the best radio voice in the youtube gaming sphere.

  6. Hey Kim Justice, this black guy came up to me the other day and said "Ay, ja smoke weed lad!?"

  7. Never rated Mega Twins or Dynasty Wars myself either Kim.

    Great video

  8. "le best of le west" ""th" and "r" awe still evewywhewe but hewe , lat's a shame to be bwittish

  9. i love this system but i prefere the cps2 (mars matrix and the alpha series!!!).

  10. So quiz & dragons is better than 3 Wonders and Mega Twins??? Were you high when you made the video?

  11. Don't Pull? Not a problem for most gamers.

  12. Midnight Wanderers pretty much in last place behind games like Dynasty Wars? UNSUBSCRIED!

    Also, you forgot Street Fighter Alpha 1 (it was originally developed on the CPS1, and then moved to the CPS2, when they ran out of boards).

  13. but… I always play as Percival in KOTR! lol great video

  14. The only thing missing from the Capcom beat 'em up collection on the Switch, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Such an awesome game.

  15. Magic Sword and King of Dragons ? yes please!!

  16. Was not aware un squadron had a sequel…to mame post haste jeeves!

  17. Another great video Kim, you deserve to have way more viewers.

  18. Your Dynasty War comment about it being the biggest quarter/quid muncher is possibly not quite accurate. Not based on your experience, because it looked pretty awful, but based on you not charging up your weapon. You were mashing attack and never charging your weapon to take down whole swaths of enemies or quickly/strategically take down bosses. I actually played this recently for the first time myself and I got to stage 2 with a single life because I noticed the "power" meter at the bottom and held the button down…to find out it murders enemies in quick order!

    So if you ever try to give this game a go in the future, it might very well be better/higher on your personal list. I just assume you gave it a quick go and left because you showed footage of only the very early game.

  19. what in the hell is "Fwee" come on, say THRee

  20. Willow was basically Lord of the Rings for the arcade…Magic Sword was an awesome one, I played the shit out of it in the arcade but it's a shame that we never got a 2 player console port.

  21. Wonderful video Kim, thanks.
    Take care over there,

  22. I very much liked "Chariot" and "Wanderers" from "Three Wonders" actually.

  23. A great list, good to see some love for Knights of the Round, which was a go-to beat-em-up for me. Can't beat Kim dropping in the occasional Brass Eye reference as well!

  24. Final Fight is may favourite CPS1 game, Caddillacs and Dinosaurs then followed by the Punisher. Strider and Ghouls and Ghosts feels very nostalgic to me as I discovered them in the arcades during the late 80's.

  25. 11:37 Varth!! That game is awesome, i used to fill a machine at work with quarters every lunch break.

  26. Excellent work Kim. I could watch these countdown videos all day. Could you possibly include the year as well as the name in future videos? It helps me put things in context. Keep up the great work!

  27. So many classics on here. What a great list and great memories.

  28. Thank you for the excellent quarantine content. 👍

  29. slam masters vs. three count bout which is better

  30. I always played Percival in Knights of the Round. Smdh.

  31. Punisher IS the best Capcom beat em up. The shooting bits, to escape rolls, the weapons, spinning the enemies around when grabbing them, tossing grenades, tons of weapons to pick up, it's just too much fun. Two angry old men beating the shit out of everyone and everything. It's so much better than Final Fight. But I absolutely agree on your no. 1.

  32. Gonna give some of these a shot, thank you! Really hoping for the CPS2 and CPS3 videos 🙂

  33. Thumbs up alone for using the old BBC Video intro!

  34. Hyper Fighting is kind of gimmicky so that rank seems fine to me, however Willow being so low but Nemo that high gave me pause heh. Played a lot of Final Fight, hold attacks seem to be the way to extend each credit inputted. 😉 I kind of like how Capcom did few shmups as it saved them from doing the genre a disservice as it wasn't their specialty.
    Need to play C&D more, never really saw the cab much bitd. Yeah no Mega Drive for me then so Strider on NES was a letdown compared to playing the arcade. Hard to pick a SF2 version with so many, for me the original is the most significant. 🙂

  35. What happened to your live stream of Metroid?. Cant find it on your channel.

  36. I used to play pogs on the porch too Kim!! ,☺️☺️

  37. i love cps1. it was a shock to see two of my favorites 3wonders and magic sword with such a low rank. but i guess it’s just a matter of taste. waiting on your cps2 video.

  38. Never understood why everyone seems to think Three Wonders is a mediocre, average, whatever game. That one, along with Cadillacs and Dinosaurs marked the arcade era for me. By far the most impressive games where I lived (shoutout COWboys of Moo Mesa and Sunset Riders). But SF2 is the king, putting anything else at the top would be just lunacy of the highest order.

    I'd never even heard of Strider until I was a grown man. I can't even explain it.

  39. 3 Wonders was one of favourite games ever down the arcades

  40. It's outright criminal that Cadilacs and Dinosaurs didn't get a home port.

  41. "Don't pull" is better than chariot and m. wanderers? Are you joking?mah….

  42. I guess everybody has their own order of preference; mine would look very different to this (personally I never got on with Strider) but what a line-up… surely everyone agrees that this is one of the greatest arcade systems of all time. Even if my own personal favourite Capcom games are slightly older.

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