Ranking the 32 Capcom CPS1 Arcade Games from Worst to Best | Kim Justice - jadeusgames.com

Ranking the 32 Capcom CPS1 Arcade Games from Worst to Best | Kim Justice

Kim Justice
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Today we countdown the games of Capcom’s legendary arcade board, the CPS1. Obviously this list includes the likes of Street Fighter II, Final Fight and Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, but there’s some other obscurities you might not know that are well worth seeking out!

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  1. Ghouls n ghost music in the background…wonderful, level 2 aswell, my favourite music in the game.

  2. The old church I used to go to when I was a kid had an activity center next to it and had some old arcade games in it. The ones I played the most were Buster Bros and Time Pilot. Buster Bros in particular I still hold up very high on the list of puzzle games. But I would say that my top three are Strider, Street Fighter 2 Dash and U.N. Squadron. The latter is one of the finest STGs ever made.

  3. Forgotten Worlds wasn't a twin stick shooter. It used a weighted bearing supported knob (I'm not sure if it was an roller bearing or just a simple brass oilite bushing) that was very similar to the one on Tempest to aim and shoot. The feel was like a 1 axis trackball, if you gave it a good spin it'd keep spinning by itself for a while. This knob doubled as a fire button, you'd press down on the knob to shoot. Your weapons would autofire so you just needed to press down on the knob and hold it to shoot rather than pressing it repeatedly. Because of this unique control system emulated versions don't really capture the arcade experience.

  4. Surprised Street Fighter Zero wasn't in this list, as it was the last CPS1/CPSChanger game to be released. It was a scaled-down version of its CPS2 counterpart, but did exist.

  5. for CPS2, i vote for marvel vs. capcom. the most intense fighting game with no slowdown, at its height of the hardware! my personal favorites were street fighter alpha 3 and x-men vs. street fighter.

  6. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is hugely popular here in Brazil. You could find it basically everywhere (and still can find it in some places). It is totally the best beat em up ever.

  7. Look up Osman by Mitchell 1996. It's supposedly a spiritual successor/sequel to Strider made be ex-Capcom staff.

  8. I played the shit out of Mercs on my SEGA because I didn't have enough quarters to do so in the arcade…

  9. #1 is correct, but the order for the other games is wacky.

  10. Ah the neighboor kid wich had a NES and played POGs with you in his backyard.. yeah, we all had this friend. :p

  11. Between the amazing intro, thorough presentation, dose of nostalgia, and fun opinions this is a very entertaining video. Thanks and good job!

  12. Beware that not all versions of Hyper Fighting are created equal. I've played it on Mame and it's too fast. The Actual arcade pcb has the perfect speed. Its slighlty faster than Champion Edition.

    I prefer champion in Mame but Hyper on actual arcade hardware.

  13. The CPS1 games were mostly great. How was street fighter 2 number 1? All the versions were quite bad which is why back in the day the cabinets were often vacant. Things like final fight, 1941, punisher and Cadillacs and dinosaurs are where the brilliance was and are may levels above street fighter 2.

  14. You forgot to include Super Pang. Still, good video.

  15. the worst capcom games ranking I have ever seen.

  16. Please tell me, I'm not the only who wasted a ton of time trying to figure out the question @1:23! I spent an insane amount of time trying to translate but since every method I tried didn't work, I basically what to search up the individual Kanji or Katakana but as some who's hasn't a clue about reading and differentiating such a crazy amount of extremely complex and nearly endless amount characters, a lot of which look very similar and are off only by a tiny barely noticeable difference, it was extremely frustrating and ultimately futile attempt.

    The only part that I was able to get translated was either "United States of America" or American University". Now if neither term actually shows up in the question, I'd be pretty damn impressed with myself and just amazed that somehow putting together characters from a foreign language I know very little about, even less so when it comes to reading/writing Japanese, that I somehow spelled something like "American University" Or "United States of America". Now that's one hell of a coincidence IMO, but then again, you know what they say…Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

    If anyone is fluent enough translate it or even just translate enough so it'd make sense, I'd be greatly apprecitive! I don't why but it's going to bug me to no end until I finally learn the what it says! This whole situation got me thinking, this would the perfect way to take Jeopardy to the next level…Not only do the particpants have to guess the question…But they have to say in it a completely differnt language.

  17. You….. you put hyper fighting THAT far down below SF2 and CE? I am officially confused.

  18. Mega twins is actually pretty good. Its one of those games that should have released on the saturn instead of the Genesis since the console was vastly more powerful with 2D graphics. If I could recommend it, I definitely would and preferably played on a CRT.

  19. Not watched it yet, but loved Wrestlefest back in the day

  20. Hey you know who Bruiser Brody is. That deserves a like.

  21. CPS1 and CPS2, this refers to more powerful processors?

  22. Cadillacs and dinosaurs is god tier beat em up status

  23. That intro gives me Tom Baker vibes. Love it.

  24. There's a lot of great memories here. Captain Commando, Strider, Final Fight all have a special place for me. CPS1 was a sweet spot for some supurb pixel art.
    Thanks Kim.

  25. Personally I'd be a whole lot more interested in an attempt at objective ranking rather than listing by what you happen to have nostalgia for. That said, it's hard to complain when the quality of your videos is otherwise so high. Cheers

  26. I disagree so much with the order but REALLY enjoyed the video and just watched it as a list of your favourites rather than the worst to best. I was looking for a game covering all CPS1 games and this was perfect thank you. Subscribed.

  27. It should be noted that Dynasty Wars and Warriors of Fate are actually tie-in games as well, as both are based on the Shonen Jump Manga, Tenchi wo Kurau.

  28. Mega Twins below a QUIZ GAME ? Seriously ? For me it was a great game, full of colors, cute enemies and memorable bosses. Would definitely put it higher on the list.

  29. Forgotten Worlds is probably in my top 5 arcade games of all time.

  30. Some of these got onto Switch through Capcom Arcade Stadium.

  31. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is still the greatest beat em up made ever

  32. Willow is, IMO, one of the best jump and runs with 'adventure' elements, surpassed only by Super Wonderboy in Monsterland. And it was totally crowded by the folks in my arcade back in the day…. damn difficult tho…

  33. Ouch! I really like Mega Twins, Willow, and 3 Wonders! You're killin me here!
    But to be fair there are plenty of AWESOME games on this list.

  34. Hyper fighting is top 1 in my heart <3

  35. Funny thing: I own Area 88 on Laserdisc! lol

  36. Thanks a lot for such informative video. Now I know what play on mame from CPS1 😉

  37. World Warrior is objectively worse than Hyper Fighting. It's a broken mess. And Hyper Fighting is subjectively better than CE 😉

  38. Cadillacs and dinosaurs and the punisher are my top 2 cps1 games, still best beat em ups I've played.

  39. My arcade memories were with, turtles, final fight, xmen, simpsons and a spiderman platformer in the arcade (not sure which one it was).

  40. Woooooow so Rufus and El Fuerte from SF4 came from Saturday Night Slam Masters! 6:42

  41. Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting is amazing. If we disregard ST/SF2 packaging variations, HF is my 2nd favorite SF2 version (and Fighting Game) to play for gameplay.

    I do prefer Super Street Fighter II Turbo currently, but SSF2T is notably not CPS1.

    Street Fighter II World Warrior is widely regarded as historically the most significant of any Fighting Game (or among the top). But there isn't much (compared to its sequels) in terms of its balance, roster, fewer mechanics, and slower game speed to compel player communities to keep playing it.

    Street Fighter II Champion Edition was a very important evolution of World Warrior. It set the tone for series sequels to be about delivering wishlist features, expert and careful balancing and other design tweaks, and more. And CE and WW were the most played versions, at the height of the general population popularity of the game, in arcade machine form. And there are still some who like to play it. But its slower game speed, fewer mechanics, and balance hasn't compelled larger player communities to keep playing it.

    But nostalgia and personal preference are of course cornerstone factors in why we like what we like. So your personal love for Champion Edition is completely understandable.

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