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Pulstar 1995 Aicom Mame Retro Arcade Games

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  1. Excellent survival skills on that R-Type style shmup.

  2. little known fact: Pulstar was created by Irem ex-employees, soooooo they really didn't steal anything
    you can't steal from yourself, or else Platinum Studios stole from Capcom

  3. Haha r-type this r-type that so actually everybody is copying the fps game? Even till today? Why can't you get its a genre a genre so in one genre every games look a like

  4. Nice video! Check out my new retro games channel, just reviewed Pulstar 🙂
    Thank you.

  5. Brilliant game!!.  Developed by Aicom and a team of old Irem programmers.  Inspired by R-Type.  Better in some ways!.  

  6. That looks like Gradius. Gotta love it.

  7. Those add-ons and power-ups look very similar to R-Type

  8. SO R*Type lol. I was always amazed with how far some companies could go in ripping off other properties.

  9. but… If I remember well… the final boss should be a giant space fetus.

  10. ステージ5は不気味な風景やけど、何か癒されるな

  11. どう好意的に解釈しても、ただのR-TYPE。

  12. This shmup will be much more interesting for pro-players without those guardian probe in front of the ship

  13. I was asleep finally and then the alarm goes off ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

  14. In the end I saw her sleeping in here

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