PS 3000 Retro Arcade Gaming TV Stick | HDMI | 10K Games | Under £50! -

PS 3000 Retro Arcade Gaming TV Stick | HDMI | 10K Games | Under £50!

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PS 3000 Retro Arcade Gaming TV Stick | HDMI | 10K Games | Under £50!
Video for Educational purpose.

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  1. Chugs Tech Reviews. Do you know if it has all the sonics and all the Mario and Mario worlds

  2. can you use the usb controllers with a latop

  3. can use a usb power plug instead of connecting the usb lead to tv to power up

  4. Just ordered mine marvel vs capcom series, the wwf wrestling and the classic nba games did it for me!

  5. Great video! Do you know if Resident evil 3 and Tekken 3 work with this console? Are my favorite games for PS1!

  6. All u need is a Nividea Shield! I have one and have all these games and more😂…this adaptor is a joke! And the best part it's FREE to install emulators and roms.this thing doesn't even have snes,sega genesis,etc…I have all those that the adaptor has plus sega dreamcast,panasonic 3do,atari jaguar,sega saturn etc…whenever I need more roms I download them and install them with ease.

  7. Does mortal kombat work proper on any of these…

  8. Boa tarde, não consegui fazer o meu vídeo game retrô rodar, precisa de conexão a internet? Ou será defeito? Pode me ajudar? Por favor

  9. came here for the game stick but now im more interested in that monitor! anyone know by chance what brand and model it is?

  10. Does it come with TECHMOBOWL, ZELDA AND RING KING"

  11. HDMIで無線でコントローラー接触するの?

  12. Does this have diehard trilogy? I love that game!

  13. How do you save the games? I can't seem to save.
    It save to memory card and obviously there is none

  14. I have received and tested it and I have no images on TV, do you have to turn on a light or press the button? Thank you and sorry for the incovenience

  15. It a link with a the list of games on the retro console???

  16. Does it have Sega Saturn: Dragon Force?

  17. Do you havw a link of the full game list included?

  18. under which console do i find the game
    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs?

  19. Can you pretty please tell me for a game that i am searching a long time now in consoles and i can't find it…its from atari 2600 spider fighter…can you please check if it is inside in the stick?

  20. I bought a Pandora 11s box recently and paid £150 plus for it, now I'm wondering if I should of just bought this instead.

  21. Retro console without putting more atari games isnt a console…i was close to buy it but when i saw the list that it has only 20 atari games i got disappointed…thanks for the review

  22. No ahí una lista con todos los juegos ??

  23. Ohhh cool I want to know if it can run Pokémon I bet it can

  24. Can it split the screen for two player kirby gba game

  25. Basically we can buy all the games from our childhood for $52 😂😂😂

  26. Why do I have to unplug my game stick in order to switch games is there anybody out there that can help me with my problem my email address is Marvel Perry 04 at

  27. I just bought the nba jam 1up arcade anyone know if i can connect this to it TIA

  28. Kann man dort auch nachträglich spiele drauf installieren?

  29. How can we add other games inside the game stick?

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