PS 3000 Retro Arcade Gaming TV Stick | HDMI | 10K Games | Under £50! -

PS 3000 Retro Arcade Gaming TV Stick | HDMI | 10K Games | Under £50!

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PS 3000 Retro Arcade Gaming TV Stick | HDMI | 10K Games | Under £50!
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  1. Hi. Anyone know how to add favourite games in collection?

  2. Am getting my this weekend 👈 in Jamaica 🇯🇲 $10,000 for it out here bro

  3. All the Die Hard Trilogy roms I have are corrupt but have seen people play it on yt.

  4. can you use the controller on a PC too by any chance?

  5. How to set up this gamepad controller ?I have tried many times but my TV screen still remain black

  6. Lo comprato e bellissimo che tutte le console

  7. Can you make a video about what is the top 10 game in that game?? I bought it but i don't know which game are good.. Can you give me a suggestion???

  8. Hi..great review..i have a question..does it run n64 games?..if yes i need only the n64 roms or also n64 emulator?..i must put all n64 files in sd card from pc?..thanks

  9. How to install it with smart tv

  10. How do you save game process? I tried all the buttons but cannot figure it out

  11. How to add another game like digimon world.. any website to download

  12. Make a video how to add more ps1 game in it and where to download the game… Waiting for video

  13. I wish i have that but there already available in philippine online shopping stores🙂😊

  14. How could be odder in Pakistan plz guide me?

  15. Lo comprato c'è 3000 giochi di tutte le console e bellissimo e c'è tutte le console

  16. Does this console have a Bluetooth connection?

  17. I want to buy this…but would it get very hot if play more than 1 hour?

  18. What type of tv is compatible for the console?

  19. Can you download roms/emulators for it or only what's included?

  20. How to save the game after we play at certain point?

  21. Pls can u tell me i have an 75nch TV will it work or the game would blurr out due to big screen
    There are some rewievs online about it not working in 42nch some say it works
    I have 75” tv will it work ?

  22. Lo comprato e bellissimo che tutte le console

  23. Hi, I just bought similar game stick, but for some reason the games disappear. Any way to download the content of the sd card from somewhere? Mine is the 64Gb version with 10K games. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  24. I'm trying to find one that can play PS2 games for cheap. I might get one of these while I wait though. Great review seems worth it so far.

  25. Its pretty amazing how those retro gaming devices have developed in the last 5 to 10 years

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