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June 4th, 2019

Supported Platforms

Windows and Mac: Steam |

Android: Google Play

iOS: App Store


Desktop: $14.99 USD

Mobile: $3.99 USD


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About Bewildebots


Take to the stars and command of a group of robots, guiding each to their own teleporter for deployment across the universe.

Bewildebots is a brain-frying new take on the puzzle genre that requires the player to direct up to 10 robots at once to a set of corresponding teleporters. Each move is a command that is sent to every robot at the same time, which each robot will perform based on the way it is facing.

The core mechanic behind Bewildebots came to life during Global Game Jam 2018.


300 handcrafted puzzles across 3 grid sizes
5 chapters, each with brain-frying new mechanics
Simple controls designed for each platform
Full controller support
No ads or in-app purchases
Fully playable offline on all platforms

About The Developer

Jadeus Games is an independent game studio located in Frederick, Maryland. The company was founded in 2018 by 22 year old Joe Sycalik. Jadeus Games wishes to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop gaming by creating a wide array of innovative experiences that can be enjoyed by players regardless of their platform of choice.


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Bewildebots is developed entirely by solo indie game developer Joe Sycalik. Models were created by Constatine Kluiko.
Permission is granted to all: download and distribute the content on this page as you see fit.