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Polycade LUX – The ULTIMATE $5,000 Arcade Machine

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Today we unbox, build, and PLAY the all new Polycade LUX and see why this machine costs $5,000!!

Polycade is a unique platform that caters to the casual game experience and is the only modern arcade platform designed to run both classic and modern games. It’s easy to download new games from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s onto Polycade Home: just purchase them on the AGS store, from platforms like Steam & GOG, or add your own ROMs and start playing!

Polycade Lux uses a gaming PC and Polycade AGS as the user interface.

Get your own at:

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  1. For 5000 it better give you blowjobs holy shit. I mean it looks sleek as hell but jeez.

  2. What did you use to download all the games? With regard to your SD card.

  3. I kickstarted the sente. Basically the same thing at less than half the price and it comes with more options that are included

  4. How did you download your own games with the sd card! Can I buy a preloaded sd card from you?

  5. They don't even give you a legitimate copy of Windows lmao

  6. Cab looks great and super polished…however 5000 is a hella lot of money for a fairly mahhhh frontend that greets you with “activate windows”…..come on now 😩Get yourself a cab, a basic pc, and launch box etc all for under 1000…job done 👍🏻Also it didn’t look that customisable I.E add scan lines etc but I could be wrong as I’d like to think you would have access to the emulators etc but still 5000 is just way to hefty 😕

  7. So you mean to tell me i could spend $5,000 for a computer in a cabinet which requires me to spend even more money on retro games instead of just downloading a free emulator and free retro games on literally any computer? This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

  8. Well now I don’t need to go to the arcade mom I just need 5,000 dollars!

  9. Make sense buying something like this then 10 arcades lol idk about the price tough

  10. This is def for those ballers 😮 I swear snoop dog has one

  11. This is the best video of our product out there, including the ones we've made!! Nice work!

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