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POLYBIUS – The Video Game That Doesn’t Exist

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NB: This video contains flashing images, particularly at 11:34, 15:22, and 59:02
Original soundtrack:

0:00 Introduction
2:37 Evidence & Analysis
5:11 Visual Evidence
8:21 Gameplay Footage
16:33 Physical Evidence
20:30 Anecdotal Evidence
28:50 Tracing the Source
37:06 Pre-2000 Evidence
43:14 Cyberyogi
44:59 Coinop.org
48:23 Kurt Koller
52:13 Parallels and Possible Influences
1:06:46 Conclusion


  1. The internet, the one you’re all talking on right now, is one of those patents by darpa

  2. Id also like to share that the internet you’re all on right now is not the internet at all. It’s called internet fraud when you have to be time stamped and named to access it. Much like the way a child would be monitored on a school computer network.

  3. Have you heard this British voice before? Perhaps on archaeology videos or a gps unit?

  4. man they goncharoved it didn’t they

  5. What if I told you I have a photo from 1985 with a polybius game in the background. I know because i was there and took the photo

  6. I'm watching this a second time now about a year after the first and noticed something interesting about why the mentioned link to sega . Sega did do research on VR and had shown it limited at a trade show (announced in 1991) along with gaming magazines. They ultimately never did release it due to a variety of reasons, disorientation, headaches along with technology limitations unable to be overcome. The men in black rumors who knows professionals still dressed like adults in those days. So seeing men wearing business suits was not uncommon. Then again the cia also unknown to the subjects tested lsd on it's own scientists. Throwing or causing one to "fall" one through a 13th story closed window with shades and curtains drawn and down. So I guess a machine that might test effects on unknown members of the public doesn't seem to far fetched. Today something like this could be a prototype without too many people needing to be involved. Back then though it seems in the public sector at least, that would have required more resources that only a few people could muster. So the likelihood of a corporate sponsored prototype with no trail is very slim.

  7. pollybius doesn't exist 🙁

    ultra jump mania does :). (sorry for bringing something unrelated here but I couldn't resist)

  8. So it seems that the chance of Polybius existing is very small (There is lack of evidence before 2000, though lack of evidence does not disprove something)

  9. This was around my time of going in arcades and especially around the portland area when being forced to visit my grandma. I do not remember this game and it is quite disappointing.

  10. I honestly never want it to be solved. This is the kind of playground rumor that spreads and eventually becomes urban legend. This is the kind of thing that made video games exciting when I was a kid talking to my friends, and I would hate to see that die.

  11. Matrix marauders has similar letters as well

  12. Astro* blaster 1981.. matrix marauders fits the bubble print

  13. Spacewar? Perhaps the old “game of life”?

  14. Snowflakes are all beautiful and unique..especially on a pdp1

  15. This game definitely existed.. and it was around far before 1981.

  16. They’ll say that flying cars are new soon too.. everything old is new again apparently, here comes light up shoe generators

  17. Pure brainwashing of the public, thats all i seem to see anymore

  18. I would suppose a better question would be… who’s telling you the first videogame was pong?

  19. P.s. the only reason i outed this video was because it was clearly written by an a.i. even the answer to the question is in another one of its’ videos

  20. I do feel like the selfmade idea is probably the most eligible and i do feel that it might be a passion project and an amazing one at that a whole brand and company

  21. 1:00:00
    i should probably say that most of those kids who got "seizures" were just victims of mass hysteria. they happened AFTER the initial airing and showed up when japanese tv stations showed the clip unedited under the pretence of it giving kids' seizures. most of them after being rushed to the hospital were considered fine and never had problems with epilepsie since then.
    some of the kids though were legitimately having seizures though, so his point still kinda stands just not as strongly.

  22. The original screens they played on were radar screens

  23. You could actually draw on them if i remember correctly, literally pen your name on the top score

  24. Again i outed this video for 2 reasons.. the person who wrote it is most likely dead now and im 99% sure this is an a.i.’s webchannel

  25. Id also say you owe me some polybius money since i figured you out

  26. personally, if it was me pretending to be involved in the creation of the polybius video game i would have invented a story explaining that it was nothing more than a publicity stunt to attract customers.

  27. Personally if it were me id be wondering why i thought i was typing on the internet when this clearly isn’t that.

  28. Or we’ll play internet hopscotch till we dig up some crap in a park

  29. Rip sanfransico rush with the cheat codes on textured.

  30. Jim careys the riddler did it better with brain drain

  31. i wrote an argumentative essay on polybius because of this video! it was very fun

  32. Is this video read by an AI? The voice's inflections are super weird.

  33. great, you now got me into expanding the lore even more,

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