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Polybius: The most dangerous arcade game ever made? – BBC REEL

BBC Reel
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It’s said to be the 80s arcade game that spawned an urban legend. Polybius was rumoured to be so addictive it caused severe side effects in those who played it. Those players were said to be part of a secret US government conspiracy to try and control their minds.

But how much of the Polybius tale is true? And why is it still leaving an impression on popular culture today?

Video by Lee Johnson, Adam Proctor and Dan John

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  1. In the 90s, I went to a city council meeting where they were debating legalizing VLT video Lottery terminals. They had an expert from the University who was testifying how they were designed to put you in a robotic state. At university, I then ran into a guy who got a job, after they legalized the vlts at one of the local casinos. He set up hidden cameras to test the robotic state theory… and I used to go sit with him and watch people come in, in a very normal and gregarious state. They would then sit down at the terminal and within a short amount of time, their features would droop and they would become disassociated, until they were out of money.

  2. The BBC seem to be taking lessons on journalism from Vice for some reason….

  3. Hay if you ever tryed mouse trap arcade has a kid back in the 80s very addictive you kind of get zoned in that zoned in effect after 24 hours of playing you can get very sick it causes you to hallucinate .

  4. HOW did the researcher on this story not contact. And include ASHENS. Total fail

  5. There is a better version of this story tattooed on my gooch. Nonsense.

  6. That's silly. The real brain damage tech came later…Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and fantasy-roleplaying forced labor camps, also known as World of Warcraft and its successors 😂 🤣

  7. Steve Jobs did not allow his children to use iPads.

  8. Urban legends?! Your quality is going down.

  9. Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

  10. Liked your video very much. I was in high school from 1984-1988, so the arcades were a big part of life then. Incidentally, the narrator of this video sounds exactly like Christopher Eccleston. (Dr. Who) Cheers!🙂

  11. Mom, I told you, I am doing an interview with BBC, just pay the pizza delivery guy and close the basement door, please!

  12. This was so boring. My team had to come in and tell me to ENJOY A CHEESE TREAT.

  13. At around 2 minutes and supposedly lurking in the shadows keeping a close eye on all of this we're undercover government agents. She says that parts true at around 2:40 she says Lloyd center arcade was my arcade there was no Men in Black there's no way nothing could happen there that anybody would see.

    Begs the question did they just add it to put words in around or what seriously what does everybody think not a conspiracy it's literally on video a contradiction

  14. What's the difference between gaming and social media ?
    You can get more stats with social media..

  15. Interesting that she says it was at Lloyd Center, but every other story of it is that it was at Malibu Grand Prix in Beaverton, a Portland suburb. I grew up 40 miles north of Portland and spent a LOT of time at both places. Malibu was a go-kart place with a pretty great but small arcade. It was, unlike a lot of arcades, really bright. It wasn't the dark black light reactive arcade of the 80s that we all think of. The main business at Malibu was the go-karts and the arcade was really just a place to wait for your turn on the track. I have very vivid memories of it. Were one to want a "trance inducing" environment, Malibu would be the last place to use.

    I've been in technology my whole life and was very active in newsgroups, especially about arcades and arcade games. I had never heard this rumor until 1999 when I read it in a retro gaming newsgroup. I did name my retro multicade cabinet Polybius though….I mean, I kinda had to.

  16. I dont know… I think its a hoax and farfetched BS. Nor do I buy that it has anything to do with MKUltra. People that get addicted to gaming (or anything for that matter) are naturally defective IMO.

  17. The BBC is a top promoter of conspiracy theories.

    "We are not at war with Iraq, Syria. We are dropping nature bombs for their health."
    "We are not a right wing news organization. In fact the Tories accuse us of being Marxist".

  18. I was born and raised in Oregon (not Portland), NEVER trust anyone from Portland, they are vile inhuman monsters that deserve to be eliminated.

  19. I've heard Pacman still works for the CIA, and in some weekends, for the FBI.

  20. Bourne must have been really good at this arcade game. Btw "Bius" in certain language means "anesthesia". So Polybius might means "many forms of anestesia". How bizzare.

  21. Guilherme Ribeiro-Tardin-Costa 𒀭𒂗𒆠 says:

    Bring me the addictive games, please!

  22. "I would definitely be that kind of writer." – Kevin. Not a lie, but it sure looked like he didn't want to make eye contact about it.

  23. How about involving the American video gamers in actively defending Ukraine as the Russian troop buildup on the border continues?

    Wouldn't it be amazing to have our own experts step out of the shadows and cyber-attack Russia as the invasion begins, and force them into submission?

    This is where 1776 is being fought, on the cyber-frontier. And as before, it's against those who want to own us, body and mind.

  24. Are you the creator? I could be
    Are you a liar? I could be

  25. It's funny that she said that nothing happens in rainy Portland. I'm from the Midwest and I always feel like things there are crazy and weird things happen in Portland. And people are nuts there. Not always "bad" nuts but still nuts.

  26. "Planting a seed and having them create their own monsters" is an awe-full truth. What a disgusting thing to admit to doing… … .. Now imaging a future society where the seeds we plant promotes positive vibes..

  27. 40 years later…

    League of Legends: 'Hold my 🍺', MK-ULTRA. 🤣

  28. Yeah just watch Ahoys video on this he basically debunks it and proves it’s a hoax

  29. Cet Olybrius parlait comme un Patagon! (Haddock)

  30. I think the game isn't an Arkade game, but a real life game. I know it involves patterns. I think maybe the coordinates of the places in the text mean something. The choice of words is too random. I think the hype still exists because no one solved it.
    I think this is even a message.

  31. 2 weeks later: The CIA has admitted to have also used arcade based video games as part of a similar program to the now infamous MK Ultra project.
    Me: 🤦🏻‍♂️

  32. i have polybius on the ps4 and i don't see any side effects. why is their a bull melting on my ceiling?

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