Please STAY FAR AWAY From This Arcade Game -

Please STAY FAR AWAY From This Arcade Game

Jessii Vee
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Today we are continuing the series about strange phenomena in this world! This episode is about an arcade game you should never play…

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  1. Stranger things is so nice and scary

  2. I think it's true I think it very is true that's why I hate the government

  3. I had this vision a couple of years ago of me at a arcade (btw the vision happened in my sleep) and I saw Polybius and Gabby played it and disappeared. I woke up and didn’t see Gabby in her bed. Luckily she was just in the bathroom. This vision still scares me to this day

  4. No cap i saw polybius in the arcade i go to everytime in Canada ontario.i went to get soda and when i come back out, its literally moved places and 10 seconds later, its gone. NO CAP

  5. In roblox flee the flacillity there’s a secret room with nothing but just the game polybius

  6. There was a Polybius was in Simons

  7. I played this arcade game as a kid and I been scarred my whole life by it

  8. The word- "POLYBIus" Reminds me of something-

  9. if they found a bunch of polybius games in the Area 51 raid

  10. Jessii: there are tons of creepy glitches like zelda….

    Me: *laughs in moon jump glitch*

  11. Polybius is kinda giving me cabinet man by Lemon Demon vibes

  12. My biggest flex: I don't have a arcade in my city 😏

  13. Omg that picture looked like me 😃😨😱

  14. What happened to the other episodes of running with violet in season 2?

  15. I saw this arcade game but i dint play it.

  16. When jessii said "there's a truck that stopped in front of my house~~~" I laughed so hard and bit my cheek lol 😂

  17. Stay away from the game!

    Me that is in here well fack

  18. Oddly enough I remember seeing this game before I remember playing it too I don’t remember it being scary or I didn’t feel anything weird after playing it just that when I played it I went on with a day nothing happened

  19. Me:ooOoO I like this game.
    Me:*sees the game.*
    Me after playing the game:I'm never going to the arcade. 🤬🤬😡😱🤢🤮

  20. Recuerdo haber jugado polybius es mi cel y me obcecione tanto que no para ba de jugarlo :> hasta que lo quitaron u.u no se por que

  21. sees this game in my local arcade
    Me: ight guys lets head out
    The rest of the group: yes

  22. "They stopped having emotions"
    Me: when did I start having them?

  23. If you play Roblox the game flee the facility has that in its hiding spot go check it out if you play Roblox

  24. My cousin played it AND HE DIED 😦🙃🙁☹️😒😫😔😣😖

  25. nobody:
    Jessii Vee’s videos: Why you should never blink, breathe, or exist.
    story in the video: terrifying.
    me: traumatized.

  26. If the black ma in suit show up I would say “what”.
    Then they would ask EVEN one question I would get shoe and hit their faces

  27. only if you have epilepsy or narcolepsy or hypersomnia maybe

  28. Jessii I’m living for the stranger things shirt😁😁😁

  29. I saw this video 2 yrs ago and I forgot so we’re watching it again here we goooooo

  30. Jessii:"I can't find any pictures of it"
    shows pictures

  31. 2:52 a bit of that sounded like Olivia Rodrigo dunno why I think jessi just has the voice of a angel 💅💅💅💅😩😩😩

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