Playing Weird Arcade Games at the Beach! FOUND RARE GAMES! -

Playing Weird Arcade Games at the Beach! FOUND RARE GAMES!

Arcade Matt
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I’m at Newport Beach in California and I found a super awesome arcade with some rare games like roll a ball, a Zoltar fortune teller machine, and even old skee-ball games for arcade tickets! This arcade had both old and new games and even some claw machines and a coin pusher! I loved the variety! I play all the games to see what prizes I can win!


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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning money, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show how to win. If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!


Playing Weird Arcade Games at the Beach! FOUND RARE GAMES!

Arcade Matt

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  1. Why don’t you do world wide tour to Japan?

  2. its a fucking arcade game and you are a grown man playing kids games. At what point do people start looking you as a predator to their children?

  3. How do you even setup and communicate with other youtubers to setup a video with others

  4. Did you get a frozen banana from the banana stand? Also check out nickel! nickel! In garden grove, ca … super fun arcade

  5. Come to Toronto and check out Rec Room

  6. You and claw kicker should make a vid together

  7. Pelajari pengucapannya

    helo all i play toreba claw machine you guys want to know how to win see my video

  8. I used to lived there for 4ys now I live in Salt Lake City,Utah

  9. And the arcade games I play there are not weird they’re just fun😅🤣

  10. With the wheel of fortune one I got 1000 tickets back to back on machines next to one another. That was in a park in PA.

  11. Take me to California next time lol I’ve been dying to go there it’s my favorite place even though I’ve never been there

  12. Zoltar machine wow. That's from my favourite film BIG

  13. Zoltar "give me more money and I will give you your fourten" Matt" I want giving you more money"😂😂😂😂

  14. well done arcade Matt for winning 256 Tickets at the arcade today

  15. Is it necessary to squeeze a few more cents by forcing us to watch the ads?

  16. Matt does a reverse big in the new movie:small where he’s 10 year old and must beat a claw machine to turn back

  17. All ways love watching your videos, hope your channel continues to grow 😁

  18. That basketball skeet ball game looked so cool. I love arcade games a lot .

  19. Sylvan beach amusement park in upstate NY in Sylvan beach NY has fascination. Love that game

  20. one of my favorite channels to quarantine binge watch ❤️❤️😂😂

  21. I wanted them to get rid of the zoltar from an arcade.I got freaked out by it

  22. What’s up Matt was wondering if you have been to the new Dave and busters in Harrisburg PA?

  23. I want to see you go to the Las Vegas adventure dome and midway at circus circus. I’m 29 and I still love going there

  24. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior God bless you

  25. waiting for the day arcade jims takes over the channel

  26. I think this beach arcade was featured in a Disney movie.

  27. I remember that first game you played I would play it at Mr Gattis

  28. I asked Zoltar. When will I die? It said 6/9/2069. NICE.

  29. the person in the back of the intro be like *📸📸"🚶‍♀️

  30. I like how matt just takes james 4 tickets

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