Playing The New Hive Arcade Games on MCPE -

Playing The New Hive Arcade Games on MCPE

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yes ik its been out for awhile but i havent played it on mcpe till now cuz my old ipad couldnt handle simple tasks at all a little before it was released
BTW I couldnt make a good thumbnail cuz I’m not good with thumbnails + renderdragon makes it harder to capture good thumbnails due to shader incompatibilities + im on mobile so it aint easy to capture good pics for the thumbnail
also sry for the black bars on the side i forgot to remove it before editing (not like i ever did remove it in my other vids but i wanted to remove it for this video)


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  1. Forget what I said about not using capcut anymore, i cant find any other editing app that can replace it. The other apps are either full of paid features, doesn’t have as much features, has very limited video length exporting allowed (like 3-5 mins), isn’t as fast as capcut (very laggy or slow uploading time), or has a massive watermark… 😭

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