Playing EVERY Game At Dave & Buster's Arcade! -

Playing EVERY Game At Dave & Buster’s Arcade!

Arcade Matt
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Today we do an arcade challenge suggested by a viewer, play EVERY game at the arcade but we can only play each game once! I’m at Dave and Busters arcade, how many arcade tickets will we win and can we win any arcade jackpots? I’ll then cash in all of my arcade tickets at Dave and Buster’s prize area for the best prize!



About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine or crane game as they’re called and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give major prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite and some have unique prizes on the edge to win. On some games I even show arcade hacks and how to win more arcade games. I also play carnival games winning big prizes! I usually cash in all of my arcade tickets for a prize, some I even unbox! It’s a mystery! Lets have some fun and Lets play!

Playing EVERY Game At Dave & Buster’s Arcade!

Arcade Matt


  1. Challenge Suggestion: How many tickets can you win blindfolded?

  2. so glad i found you again i would always watch your claw machine videos as a kid! i’m 22 now and still love your vids

  3. unfortunately cyclone games are 100% rigged

  4. Subway safari 😂😂😂 you dumb you mean Subway surfers

  5. maybe you should challenge Adam the camera guy to see how many tickets he can win vs. you.

  6. You forgot some arcade machines in this video

  7. That mousepad is so cool! Very you!!!

  8. You should do all claw machines in your city

  9. when he said knock on plastic and im surronded by wood

  10. The ball drop was unfair because I saw it go in 500

  11. How much do you sell those prizes for after you win then from Dave and Buster's?

  12. see how long it takes to get the prizes that costs the most tickets

  13. First time seeing one of your videos. You don't happen to be Ed Bassmaster's son do you?

  14. You need a shirt that says “Yes I’m arcade Matt”

  15. Idea for u take the videos on the road locate arcades set up meet and greets and play across the country gl

  16. I Think i’m getting Old. I been watching your vids for 8 years, almost 9 years. That’s insane!

  17. All arcade games like claw machines and cyclones are rigged and mark roper says it himself

  18. I have a idea go to the worst arcade in your area to the best rated arcade in your area 😅(;

  19. Where’s Hotwheels king of the road? Does every D&B location have Hotwheels king of the road?

  20. 33:57 I would’ve gotten that bulbasaur plush. Too bad my local D&B only has Pikachu.

  21. at 8:08 if you put playback on 0.25x, it skips the winning part

  22. I played the Ice Age game once. I hit the Jack Pot and haven’t gone back. I’m 100% perfect on it and I want it to stay that way!
    ARCADE MATT! I want to challenge you to a $50 D&B gaming challenge

  23. Wonder I got the bonus on the black hole game.

  24. I hit the ice age one once when I was really young can never do it again 😂

  25. If anyone wanted to know after doing the math matt spent around $20 in total

  26. I’m so confused, he keeps standing in front of the giant Connect 4 game but never played that one? Maybe it isn’t a ticket game?

  27. The hyper pitch is so easy my high score is 6800

  28. Fastest I threw was only 83 I don’t think it calculated right

  29. You have to bounce it off the back wall when you play milk jug

  30. Grab your popcorn for this one!!
    What challenge should I try next?

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