Playing EVERY Arcade Game Until I Win an iPad -

Playing EVERY Arcade Game Until I Win an iPad

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In today’s video, I played EVERY arcade machine until I won the iPad Air prize at the arcade! This video took insanely long and was really hard but I hope you guys enjoyed it. Would you ever do a challenge like this to win an Apple product? Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a HUGE thumbs up! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time!

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  1. Also don’t know if you know but that’s no iPad Air that’s just a regular iPad

  2. I really need the ipad beacuse for my school that is my dream ipad for long that my cristmas wish and im using my phone oppo A17k
    Plss notice me if your going to pick me im going to cry😢 thank you ihope you notice me🎉❤

  3. I'm a big and true fan of yours sarahh iloveyou .. i really want to win that cutie ipad hopping for your reply and hopping that you choose me❤

  4. My brothers iPad doesn’t work he needs it for school and it will be so helpful to have it by the way I love your videos

  5. Thank you for taking you time and i think i should win because my ipad is 6 years old and charges to 30 percent in 6 hours

  6. I want to give it to my little brother

  7. Hi. Been watching most of your videos and would love to win the giveaway. I want one to use it for school

  8. Who else just loves sarah for all the effort she puts in

  9. this tbh is so nice of her spending sm money for this video. We love you! I would like to get the iPad because I dont have one<3

  10. Thank you for your effort to win that iPad. I really appreciate you and your team so much!

    I'm an accounting student, and it would be a great help for me to have that iPad because it's so hard to read pdf files and review on a small screen. I only have my phone since day 1, and I'm in my last year of college and preparing for the mock board exam.

  11. I would really like it because I want to try out an apple product and I need a new tablet bad

  12. Hi Sarah I would like to win the iPad because I have a really old iPad and iPhone so I hope you give me a chance 😊❤

  13. Please I don’t have one I need one please please please

  14. pls i love your vids so much and it would hellp are famliy

  15. I want the iPad because I’ve been wanting a iPad to watch YouTube on

  16. I dont have one because I broke my other one and I sub like all ur videos and follow and share everything and I love your ideas and u

  17. If only there was a Tower Of Tickets…

  18. Sarah you do realize 500 dollars could get you an iPad but instead you load 100 in 5 cards and gamble it.😂

  19. I rlly want this because my mom don’t have a lot of money and my mom and me gots to stead my bother to state and I won’t ever see him again and I rlly rlly want that iPad I always asked my mom for one but she doesn’t have money so if you can plz pick me I am a huge huge fam so plz pick me

  20. I want the iPad because it’s allmost my sister birthday on November 18

  21. ngl i rlly need iPad don`t have one ive alaways wanted one

  22. I love how you put so much effort into your videos and always have a smile on your face ❤ You legit spent so much money 💰 😂 I would love to win the ipad as mine broke and I used it all the time 😢😮 I literally love you Sarah 🎉❤

  23. I’m getting the I pad for my cousin sister

  24. I just need an Ipad just please its litterally my dream

  25. i need one to suport my family and mom and to us at school

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