Playing ALL the New Arcade Games at Dave & Busters! -

Playing ALL the New Arcade Games at Dave & Busters!

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at Dave & Busters arcade in Rochester NY to play ALL the new arcade games! My D&Bs location recently got a few new arcade ticket games, so we are going to play them for the first time today, and see how many tickets and jackpots we can win! The new games include Break the Plate, Dodgeball Ultimate Arena, Namco Pac-Man Battle Royale Chompionship, and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!



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About Arcade Warrior:

Hi my name is Erik Kane and I’m known as the Arcade Warrior on YouTube. I started posting my arcade adventures many years ago and have built a dedicated following and community through my videos. I’m the original arcade YouTuber who started it all. This is my arcade channel where I like to play arcade ticket games, claw machines, coin pushers, carnival games, mini golf, and so much more! NEW videos are posted every Wednesday and Saturday. Subscribe to my channel and become a “Warrior” today!

Playing ALL the New Arcade Games at Dave & Busters!

Arcade Warrior


  1. Some nice new games, but gotta say my favorite is breaking the plates.

  2. Sorry you didn't get the autograph but don't worry you'll get more tickets

  3. My favorite Arcade game has to be the jurassic world game because it's a very cool game where you have to push the car to the jackpot it's cool to have different tickets values too on them game.

  4. Brilliant as always not watched your channel for a while and might have to come back again. Gotta love that mountain dew

  5. Good to see you back again eric! You make me so happy every time I watch your videos!!

  6. wth 100th like again lol. i think this is saying something erik

    (but fr banger as always)

  7. If your ever in Connecticut there is a Dave and busters in Milford

  8. Arcade Warrior, my favorite Dave and Buster’s arcade ticket game is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Ripley’s believe it or not!, I almost won 🏆 the jungle jackpot on that game in Toledo, OH Dave and Buster’s. I was on fire at that arcade ticket game that day!!! Can you believe that Erik a.k.a. The Arcade Warrior?

  9. As I restart my mental health recovery, it's great that you played the new games in this video.

  10. Guys lets take a moment and thank this guy for still making videos like 4 years ago all the videos give me old memories thanks Eric for that please continu for many years 🧡

  11. If you get a 5 second wait before skipping an add, use one second to SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON

  12. Yay D&B, the best arcade place to play… I don’t really have any ideas what to redeem with all my tickets, my prize area still haven’t updated at all…

  13. That plate break game is epic. I also saw some digital coin pushers for the first. Tech is getting better and better.

  14. Awesome video I really like it lot it was cool and you made awesome video and you are best YouTube channel

  15. I played break the plate and i won 1000 tickets for the Jackpot

  16. Bro not gonna lie these videos were my childhood bruh

  17. "Tater tots are ready" never gets old❤️❤️😆

  18. Theres like a 100 different flavors of Mtn Dew. U should try to mix it up some lol.

  19. the time on the dodgeball one was going way too fast for it to be actual seconds

  20. My favorite game in the vid was Break The Plate.

  21. I never been to Dave & Busters before in my life :0

  22. Props to arcade warrior for showing me my love for tater tots

  23. PAC man. Can u do an opening of the helmet when u get it

  24. Yo next time Dave and busters against me and time, anywhere lol

  25. Is Mt. Dew gonna hook you up with something with all that drinking you do?? 😄😄

  26. I haven’t watched Eric since 2016 and I come to say that the intro is still the same and gives my memories 😢 thank you Eric

  27. Love to see more Carnival games get turned into Arcade games. I probably wont get a reply back but QUESTION… What if by the time you get to 25k tickets the autograph helmets are outa stock what is your second choice of prize?

  28. Are games like mortal kombat, house of the dead and time crisis no longer a thing in arcades?

  29. I got a check out your page I like your video I’m an old arcade guy and my favorite game at Dave & Buster’s is the digital bowling the video bowling game that’s where I rack up my points and I win many prizes and I even have clothes from the Dave & Buster’s

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