Playing 4 arcade games at the same time! #shorts -

Playing 4 arcade games at the same time! #shorts

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  1. Which state is this Dave and busters located, this seems familiar to me.

  2. Why am i never lucky in real big bass wheel but lucky in games

  3. I now why that glass is there so they don't turn the thing to jakepot with thear hands

  4. Pay for 4 different games but don’t play them to make someone’s day

  5. U lied it can’t be 207 all the numbers ended in 0

  6. You got captions on says he won 207 when he really says he won 270

  7. 🤣😂😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅🤗🤑cool

  8. i went to dave and busters with my friend andy and his mom and me and i got alot of tikets and bout my own candy but after a fun day when his mom drove me home i got very sick and passed out there food was RAW🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😶😶😶

  9. No🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🌞🌚🌜🌛

  10. At least you didn’t get any tens, I always get that

  11. I won the 1000 jackpot and I brought a giant Pikachu

  12. I think that would be me cus I’m a kid and I like the big bass wheel it’s one of my favorite ones except I don’t do it at Dave and busters I do it at the arcade in golden triangle in kaboom

  13. I just saw my favorite gsme it’s Spin-N-Win

  14. Can you post playing 3 Spin-N-Win’s at the same time?

  15. Fun fact: Every fun fact isn't fun, it's just a fact

  16. Lol ⟟ got the jackpot tickets first try on one of those machines

  17. This machine in turkey is always stay on ticket 10 bro-


  18. Cool. Anyways Here’s The Recipe For Brownies:
    Butter (½ cup)
    2 eggs
    Sugar (one cup)
    Cocoa powder (⅓ cup)
    Vanilla extract (2 tablespoon)
    Flour (½ cup)

  19. Me: "Arcades are a waste of money, all you can ever get after spending like 20 dollars is a few candies and a cheap plushy"
    Brent: wins enough tickets to get every prize they offer

  20. I went there and did one of those and I got 1000 !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hahaaaaaaaa I have returned spongebob popsicle army ASSEMBLE

  22. Isn’t that the fun factory arcade I’ve been there before

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