Playable Arcade Game: Race! Lego Ideas Project -

Playable Arcade Game: Race! Lego Ideas Project

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This game actually works, and stops when you hit a car… Just like a real game. Please support it using the link up above, and subscribe to my youtube channel to see more awesome lego creations, mocs and tutorials.

Music from the youtube audio library.


  1. i would love to see a updated version on ideas now that you have more fans

  2. not only do u have to dodge the stuff, but also outrun the falling road behind you!

  3. HOLY CRAP! How do you keep making insane projects? This absolutely freaking legendary, hands down your best creation yet.

  4. This is fantastic! I'm going to support it right now!

  5. This is the most epically awesome Playable Lego Arcade Race Game that I've ever seen!! Great job!! (now you should make a lego rube goldberg machine)

  6. This is so awesome!!! I can' t believe it. I will go support it on LEGO IDEAS right now!

  7. This is awesome! Do you have an instagram account where I can follow you?

  8. Very impressed with this. Even before I saw it moving! I will be supporting in ideas. Great channel and ideas all round 😊 Saw your comment on Legolamaniac’s ideas page and glad I checked you out 👍👍

  9. amazing this needs to be a set, and if it doesn't make it, on Rebrickable!

  10. Ok, this has GOT to be the coolest working LEGO build I have seen all year! You earned yourself a subscriber 👍

  11. This moc is pretty lit dude, also, you should totally make an Instagram page.

  12. This is AMAZING!!! It must be nice to just have your own arcade in your house!!! Really great job!!!

  13. I hope this gets made a set I would love to build it

  14. Boy I can’t even imagine having one of these


  16. You should resubmit it to lego ideas once your channel grows even bigger. 100% sure it will be accepted then. Only concern is that it is a little too fast. Other than that it is an awesome idea.

  17. Bro this is so cool. I’m very impressed by this

  18. can you make intrutions so i can build this

  19. Wow! That’s amazing keep up the good work dude!

  20. If this becomes a lego ideas project i will be so cool

  21. I'm so sad that this didn't get the support this needed to become a candidate for LEGO ideas. This would be such an amazing set.

  22. This is absolutely amazing! Too bad it's already expired on the Ideas site, I was 100% gonna go support it!!

  23. You are soo underrated, whish your channel will grow big in the future

  24. Pretty cool, love how it is actually functional, like it stops when the car hits something. Shame it didn't get passed on ideas, it seems few things that aren't licensed themes do.

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