Play the Forgotten Arcade Games of the Soviet Union | National Geographic -

Play the Forgotten Arcade Games of the Soviet Union | National Geographic

National Geographic
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Visitors to the museum are greeted with a melody of beeps, dings, and sirens from antique machines from the 1970s and 80s that, against all odds, are fully functional.
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Read more in “Play the Forgotten Arcade Games of the Soviet Union” from National Geographic Travel.

Play the Forgotten Arcade Games of the Soviet Union | National Geographic

National Geographic


  1. Except for the Cyrillic signage, this could very well have been Aladdin's Castle circa 1975. When did these games come out?

  2. That green drink is probably why you keep getting in trouble with the IOC.

  3. Random fact: Arcade parts of Stranger Things were shot here

  4. I played that game called tankodrom with plastic tanks. It was in video. Fun game.

  5. Хочу несколько таких себе)

  6. I been ther like 5 months ago XD now i was ther…. gteting caught playing

  7. this was when csgo was merely an open beta

  8. The funny thing is, in the West, we didn't even know that Russia had made their own arcades games, until after the fall of the soviet Union and still didn't have proof, until the age of the internet.

  9. No no, dont bother explaining any of the machines NatGeo. That might be too interesting.

  10. The toxic waste smoothie at the end looks delicious

  11. In soviet Russia you don't loose a game because everyone wins every time….all the time….because its Soviet way…

  12. you should just narrate it. I am unable to both see what's going on and read the narration

  13. Putin's got the top score in every game. Some say those who tried to best him were never seen again.

  14. Show us the games! Not B roll of people pointing at the machines! Show how the game is played or what is different about them as compared to American arcade games. That video had no actual content, just fluff

  15. Everyone loves a trip to the arcade. It's a great place to just have some fun and maybe blow some stuff up without the consequences of doing it for real.

  16. Russian had some cool games….who says Communists are no fun.

  17. TITTY TWI5TER - Официальный Канал Группы says:

    it is my horrible childhood whith wooden arcade machine))

  18. I will be here (Moscow location), along with my fiancee, very soon👍😀

  19. I will love to travel in Rusia but i don't wanna been beated

  20. Даже в перестройку страна развивалась в технологическом плане. Сейчас правительство запрещает развивать технологии в стране, да и не только технологии. Уничтожают последнее что было когда то создано и ничего не создают нового. Придёт час, когда этот музей игровых автоматов тоже закроют, а автоматы уничтожат тк не имеют отношения к церкви или ещё какое нибудь дебильное оправдание придумают.

  21. I reckon citizens could have also played Japanese and American arcade games in some secret locations I mean there were loads of video game clones back in the day even in the West playing Pacman and Defender would have been something cool in Moscow in the early 80's

  22. If you smile while playing you die….for real 💀

  23. “the majority of games focus on improving hand-eye coordination and developing problem solving skills” …unlike…*other* arcade games…

  24. Polybius would be somewhere in this place

  25. Wow I've never seen any video game arcades from the former Soviet Union before in my entire life. They look very interesting.

    Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪

  26. Developing hand-eye coordination is a Soviet doctrine now? The USA trains up its soldier boys just as fine.

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