Piano Tiles Arcade Game! | JOYSTICK - jadeusgames.com

Piano Tiles Arcade Game! | JOYSTICK

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This video is about Untitled Project 2


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Piano Tiles Arcade Game! | JOYSTICK



  1. no way they already made that an arcade game!🎮

  2. Epic video keep doing what you do its perfect 👍

  3. That's a game? jeez what happened to arcades…

  4. Do they HAVE to make an arcade game for EVERY APP GAME EVER!?!?!?!?

  5. Looks like a lame piano version of Guitar Hero. Seriously, who the hell is going to buy that?

  6. I can do datos rlly fastidiando línea sanidad <_>

  7. Played this near the falls, I was an animal absolutely killed it
    Not 500 keys but if I remember correctly 302+ maybe more
    lowest once I got the hang of it was 294

  8. My record was 85 with around the same time limit. I got the top 8 scores that night.

  9. Sort of like Pop N Music.

  10. i swear the maximum tiles possible to get is like 90 on this game

  11. I play that I always get at around 80 I can't go higher than that

  12. The gameplay lasts way longer at my Chuck E Cheese

  13. Who ever got 507 be faster then light

  14. I played this EXACT GAME at my arcade and got 2 families watching me as I did it so fast

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