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Phoenix 1980 Amstar Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Phoenix 1980 Amstar.



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  1. Great game! They had this in the bar at my dad's rugby club in Croxley Green (UK), I loved it.

  2. Space yellow and blue 10 and 2. Voyage home surrender McCoy's 💍.

  3. Here is something you never do with this game when the birds are flying up with wings extended never shoot four or more flying in tight formation or you will mess up your game and I don't think un plugging it for so many hours will fix it. just an FYI . 2:31

  4. This was one merciless game. One of the most difficult of the kind

  5. Loved this game, was crap at it but stil played it…lol

  6. I always thought 💭🤔 those Birds look like Watermelons when you shot them

  7. Cool, you were able to exploit the 200,000 point bonus bug!

  8. When it came out, for months I put all my paper-route and lawn-mowing money into this god-damed machine.
    It was worth every penny of it! 😁🥰🤪😶‍🌫🧠🤯
    While watching this it's getting really warm around my genitals . . . . . . um, cough, sorry, . . . . . . I meant around my heart, naturally!😉

  9. I remember hearing this sound halfway down the road b4 I got there loud as fuck it was knowing I be queing for a ages b4 I had a turn brilliant

  10. this game take me a lot of money but its a funny time

  11. Lol at 4:50!


    I couldn't beat this enemy as a kid but the WORST enemy I fought was that crazy robot in the old Zaxxon game!

  12. Amazing gamer 😉🙂🙂🤣🤣🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Play this back in the day in the arcade and the Atari 2600 as well. Good times

  14. Que tiempos aquellos uno de los mejores juegos de los 80

  15. How can I get this game? So many memories!

  16. this was part of my childhood,i always wanted to Beat this game on 1984,i saw this Arcade Machine a lot of times….

  17. Early 80s had this Traveller RPG interstellar sci-fi vibe everywhere. I love it. Sci-fi was just better back in the days.

  18. I remember playing it as a table top arcade game.

  19. Phoenix? I don't remember that one.

    Music starts. Oh yeah …..

  20. Yes, one of the earliest games but also one of the best …🔥🔥

  21. I found this game hard when i was a child prefering galaga or xevious with longer game for one coin. But know i'm very pleased to play it again more than galaga. Hey, i never tried to shoot all the defense of the big boss vessel. I thought he will never stop going down. Thanks to you, i'll try. Great game !


  23. Wow! I forgot about this game! Pizza and Root Beer!

  24. Guys, does anyone know any shooting game that looks like this (Phoenix) game but not this one? The game that I am looking for controls a shooter that looks like this one and it can use shield like it as well. But instead of flying in space, it is more like flying on the serface of a planet and bosses are mostly like multiple phoenixes instead of a shielded alien.

  25. The base ship is visually similar to the Comet Empire in Star Blazers

  26. azta, mennyit játszottam ezzel régen a játékteremben

  27. The best "scoot 'n' shoot" game of the Golden Age. Still amazing!

  28. Now I know where demon attack ripped the idea from

  29. Brings so meny memories, even the smell of electricity in the Arcades was awesome

  30. can’t find a proper MAMA rom. thankful for every hint!!!!

  31. I played this game at an arcade in Colorado Springs. I found (by accident) that if you had a static charge from the carpet when the token touched the coin plate, it registered as a credit. This became the most cost-effective video game I ever played.

  32. I thought galaxian was impressive for a 70s game and this is just as good for 1980

  33. What an awesome game but IIRC when you start the second loop there was a Russian like melody and when the player ship explodes the sound's different. IDK if those are emulated or at least with proper audio samples.
    Greets from Chile, South America (Currently in Winter this July 29th)

  34. loved this game! the sound of the ship blasting away at the mothership piece by piece is ingrained in my head! lol couldnt remember the name of it and out of nowhere i remembered

  35. Gen X memories. Arcades suck now. Loved the intro music too.

  36. I always remember Beethoven playing in the background.

  37. Always was at the fairground in the UK in the 80s 😊

  38. ok strange tatics – I assume you're going for very high score rather than level progression by not killing the mother ship/boss straight away

  39. OMFG, I looooooooooooooved playing this game growing up … with the amount of $$ I spent on this game at my local arcade, I could have financed PhDs at Harvard, Yale + Princeton 😫

  40. most of people played the Atari 2600 version, but this is the first version I remember playing

  41. I remember playing this game at the local arcade around 1980 or early 1981.

  42. Interestingly, this game’s sound hardware utilized the sound chip from an electronic musical doorbell!! This fascinates me, because chiptune music was originally invented for video games, then people realized that solid state sound chips were a good replacement for mechanical music box mechanisms and invented pre-programmed melody chips for use in things like ice cream trucks and cheap electronic musical appliances. Then we came full circle by using a low-cost melody chip in this game!!! This all happened in only the course of 5 years.

  43. Uno de mis favoritos, que tiempos

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