Penny Arcade game trailer -

Penny Arcade game trailer

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First gameplay footage of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness


  1. The real game looks a lot different. And if it was cel shaded, it wouldn't look like the comic!

  2. i just beat ep 1 and i cant wait to get the secend one

  3. The faces on the game models look really damn weird.

    But it looks funny, so 5* regardless.

  4. yeah, it rapes fruit and makes fruit juice from it.

  5. i mean…this game looks awesome the animation is great for an XBLA game,but the price! 1600 MS points! this game is more expensive then buying an original xbox game on the marketplace

  6. that last part with the robot was…unexpected

  7. It seems odd, just looking at the trailer I see no indication that this is an RPG or an adventure game. It looks to me like an action game, period. A bunch of guys running around in a 3d world shooting people.

  8. what was that little robot doing at the end????

  9. It saw a succulent piece of fruit and it just couldn't resist itself.

  10. this game is so cool, i mean what do u expect from a game with a misterious voice over man and pelvic thrusting robots!!!!

  11. Fruit Fucker 9000. Yep. I didn't expect that ending, though…

  12. just because you dont find it funny doesnt make u comedy guru allah u akbar (huh?). i can't figure out what people find funny about bo burnham and jon lajoie but clearly there is a confused midwestern white audience that does.

  13. umm i may have replied to teh wrong person there

  14. his name is fruit fucker lol hes so awesome

  15. I love the game animation and originality 🙂

  16. i want to play this game but…
    it say "Not Avalible in your country"

  17. What does this have to do with Penny Arcade? It's set in the 1920's, and from what I've read Gabe, Tycho and Ann are completely different from the original characters.

  18. I hte penny arcade, and I think this is easily the best PSN game. It's that good!

  19. Fantastic game. Whimsical, funny, and just the right amount of depth. Doesn't take 40 hours to beat the game. 😛

  20. @Rothkeen i guess they forgot about it,just like episode 3 of Half life 2

  21. @KeepinItRealMofo It's some kind of Fruit Juicer, but it sort of went wrong.

  22. did that robot just?….um…i dont know how to put this that robot…escaped…and other dirty things happend too

  23. only me who is like, WTF!!? at 0:45
    then laughs the shit out of myself

  24. @Guld Nah, I think people who rant about why they think something is bad is equally in their right to someone who rant about why they like something.

  25. so d robot JERKS OFF AND BOOM bullets instead of sperms

  26. I got this game like a year ago…why oh why did I not see this trailer sooner?! XD

  27. FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More. says:

    I just got a chance to look back to this game, wished they can continue it, they only had 2 episodes, loved for them to finished this crazy rpg title, I play it big time

  28. Why was techno in poker night? He’s not really all to popular even then

  29. This looks great, I wonder when it will come out!

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