Pandora Box DX 2020 Mini Arcade Machine With 3000 Games REVIEW! -

Pandora Box DX 2020 Mini Arcade Machine With 3000 Games REVIEW!

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Pandora Box DX 7 inch screen mini arcade machine review. Comes with 2 wireless controllers and 3000 games which include, PlayStation, arcade and more!

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  1. Home arcade consoles have become the norm nowadays

  2. I’m starting to feel like there’s so much of this crap out there that it’s not even fun any more…. it’s just flooded with this stuff

  3. I Like the look of it too but yeah it isn't all that really. I can't wait for your Sega🕹mini arcade review tho👊😎

  4. When it comes down to Pandora box arcade pretty much it only has fighting games on it
    Mortal Kombat 1 through 4
    Tekken 1 through 5
    Tekken Tag 1 and 2
    Now there is games on here that are not fighting games such as
    Crash Bandicoot
    Mario Kart racing
    Super Mario World
    But at the end of the day it's a good system if you're looking for the greatest retro games
    Super Nintendo
    Greatest arcade game
    Sega Genesis
    Sega Saturn
    PlayStation 1
    SNK Neo Geo

  5. Just a quick question about the usb ports. Have you tried other USB controllers you have on this device? My experience using that retrobit saturn controller on MAME was pretty good. It won't improve frame rate or screen tearing, but it'll be a more comfortable controller for 2D arcade games.

  6. You a “G” bro……That comment about the controllers feeling like @$$ had me dying. Lol

  7. i have it..also i have powkiddy a12… pandora mini have better colors on screen but powkiddy have retroarch(cfw),bigger screen and battery…i like the dx collection of arcade games..but dunno 200euro i paid seems so much…(i already have pandora dx mainboard) thinking to return it tomorrow to amazon….

  8. Have you seen the PowKiddy A12 with 9inch display, i should have mine today or tomorrow

  9. The market is just saturated with these things. I got the neogeo mini and if the sega one becomes available, I'll probably get that but I think is the end of the road for me on these things. :/

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