Pandora Box DX 2020 Mini Arcade Machine With 3000 Games REVIEW! -

Pandora Box DX 2020 Mini Arcade Machine With 3000 Games REVIEW!

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Pandora Box DX 7 inch screen mini arcade machine review. Comes with 2 wireless controllers and 3000 games which include, PlayStation, arcade and more!

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  1. LOL I appreciate your complete tear downs of these devices. I've always been interested in possibly purchasing one but I always refer to reviews like yours to figure out if it's worth the price tag. It would seem most are NOT! LOL What do you recommend (if any are available) in regards to just getting a straight up arcade only console like this? I'd love to get one that doesn't include broken or imperfect emulations of any home console just something that plays straight up arcade games from back in the day!

  2. wtf do you do with all this junk after you film the videos?

  3. I mean it looks good to me , but that price point has to drop to at least $99 or lower for me to grab it

  4. Nice video like always. A quick question here.
    What do you suggest for a good box/system, that is still available, that do arcade right except for a good expensive PC?
    I want something hooked to my TV and simple to use but powerfull to play the games the way they should be played.

  5. Looks like garbage…glad you didn't spend money on it. Thanks for the honest review.

  6. It's kinda baffling how Pandora's Box clones are screwing up controls. When I got an old Pandora's Box 4x and Pandora's Box 5 back last year, the Capcom games all had controls that made sense, and few NeoGeo games needed the D button so having it placed below A rather than at the far end was not a huge killer (though in retrospect it was sign of things to come.)

  7. Any good 2 player arcade bartop you could please recommend?

  8. You know what I hate about getting older? Getting upset about grammatical errors. The one that's got me lately is" if I do say so myself" used in the entirely wrong context. Just have to get used to the fact that language will continue to change.

  9. I don't have enough room for any more games

  10. You said it man. They never finish them properly. They lack POLISH. As in "its not a polished product".

  11. Man the internals are pretty nice compared to some of the older Pandoras box offerings.

  12. I have a rasberry pi 4 and a fight stick so i wana be that guy so bad …. i wont … but i want to be.

  13. 🕹Pandora Box arcade supplements lots of games into one single machine🎮

  14. Wish you would of tried an 8bitdo controller on it.

  15. Cannot believe there is screen tearing on this baby…ruins everything for me and i already ordered it. Was the screen tearing in most games ? or just some of them?

  16. These retro consoles are being released like every week now ..just give me a piboy with a pi 4 an am good 👍

  17. Hello i am looking for something like this for my kids. Any recommendations ?

  18. Something tells me this thing would be more fun to use if it was modded the same way things like the mini systems get modded.

  19. Is that the soundtrack to Laputa on the settings screen?


  21. Sometimes I my eyes are forgiving to dome screen tearing but even my peepers were noticing the jank

  22. I grabbed one these recently – I think its fine for the price, $75 is what I paid – its a nice little option to get that arcade fix

  23. It’d be great to find a cheap mini cafe to swap out internals for a lattepanda or something

  24. I'm still trying to find a link or some way to add the battery? It can be hard trying to find a good outlet, or even entertain yourself during power outages, but what kind of battery / setup do you need to install?? I try to ask the sellers, and they only give me "Our price is expensive, you can find elsewhere"… but no links, no information or specifics. I thought, maybe with the empty spot, they intended to have a battery/portable option… However, I've had no luck so far finding any help.

    Awesome video though MLP, keep up the good work!

  25. That was awesome arcade game 🤤🤤🤤👍✔️

  26. 7:34 Crash colors look all washed out.

    Also this guys haven't even bothered putting the right coloured device inside the box. The box shows the red one but they threw the black one inside.
    The screen doesn't look very good honestly and not being able to put things in 4:3 when the console is suppose to emulate games played on 4:3 Crt Tv's is just silly.

    The size at least makes the arcade stick and button usable unlike the Neo-Geo mini.

  27. Thanx for this brief demonstration of that arcade `toy`…. its on banggood these days for 120 euros….sounds like a deal?

  28. the buttons at first glance are set up where the closest button is for light attacks and the furthest button is for heavy attacks now while im not used to using a fightstick as ive yet to buy one i do think that personally it wouldn't be that hard to figure out

  29. also it has hdmi so to fix screen tearing couldn't you plug the device into a monitor or tv using hdmi

  30. I had a Pandora's Box 4 that was not too bad except for the horrible tearing, I could not bear it. I got a Pandora Game 3D (didn't choose it, wanted a heroes of the storm or something but got shipped this) and this is pretty decent, no tearing at all. There may be slowdowns here or there but generally the image is very stable. Wish I could turn off the stupid bilinear filtering but with scanlines it has a decent image.

  31. I’ve got one of these being delivered in the next couple of days. The screen tearing this will be an issue. I think my nephews will play on it more than I will.

  32. Hey, I was thinking about getting one of these and I was wondering does mortal kombat 1 and 2 arcade play alright on there?

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