Pandora Box 3D 12S - Multi-player Arcade Game Console / 3333 Games - Any Good? -

Pandora Box 3D 12S – Multi-player Arcade Game Console / 3333 Games – Any Good?

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  2. How do people get around copyright of the games?

  3. There seriously looks like there is some horrible delay

  4. Once in cricket and in boat sitting on stoke like titianc

  5. analog stick dont work on pandora impossible to play N64 game and MAME game shooters ….

  6. The only reason I watched your video was to find out how to get wifi on it, and you don’t know that 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Have you tried the usb shared internet?

  8. PCE= PC Engine which is the Japanese version of the Turbo Graphix 16

  9. who in their right mind would pay 250.00 for this

  10. Hi, could you please let me know, which wireless controller it supports and provide me the link here to purchase the same… Thanks!

  11. Why will no one address all the questions about the lag time from when you move the controller till it makes things move on your screen. Everyone is asking you, and you answer every other question except the major question everyone keeps asking?

  12. I was trying to catch tmnt, Simpsons and xmen. Were they included? Also, how hard is it to download Roms to add?

  13. Eνδιαφέρον δείχνει. Μερικά ρετρό παιχνίδια είναι πολύ ωραία.
    Στη συγκεκριμένη κονσολίτσα αρέσει το ότι έρχεται με δύο μεταλλικούς μοχλούς, και κουμπάκια, που της προσθέτουν κύρος. Έχει το Virtua Striker;

  14. Not particularly happy with the tekken 3 emulation. Audio was really bad on the initial fight using law, seemed to be better in tekken force mode tho

  15. Wonder if a shell could be built thay I could just put a pi 4 in

  16. Those big head character games are probably Turbo Graphics games.

  17. Have they gotten any better / worse in the 2 years since?

  18. I’ve had a Pandora’s box 6S since 2018 ,which made me fall in love with the arcade games of my youth all over again. I first upgraded to a bartop machine that ran on Raspberry Pi and after that i bought a bartop arcade beast that runs Hyperspin…that’s my pride and joy. I play it nearly everyday.I’m in the process of getting a new hard drive for it from the amazing guy who built it. I couldn’t help noticing the Super Console X and X-Pro soon after their release. So i bought one as a tiny travelling companion. I never failed to pack it every single time i stayed away from home…but me being me,i spotted the Mini PC’s on “Wicked Gamer & Collector” YouTube channel,so i bought myself one of those. Now that’s my mini travel buddy.
    The entire best part of all this,is the fact i give my older stuff to my grandchildren and they love them. Never would i of believed back in the 1970’s,I’d be playing video games with my very own grandkids.
    The one thing though that i kept was my original Pandora’s Box 6s..that’s actually sitting in front of me right now on the coffee table.

  19. Does this console let you save your game progress?

  20. You could use a usb to ethernet converter and hook a cable in. It should be plug&play… just guessing

  21. Is there a way to download capcom vs snk 2 on this?

  22. Damn when I was broke barely had any money told myself when I start getting money I'm by this and that now that I have income now I don't no what to buy anymore 😂😆

  23. This one isn’t available anymore. Doesn’t como out. Which one is similar to this one please let me know

  24. I counted 27 questions about screen /input lag and counted zero answers, I presume it lags like hell but if you don't answer then its not you have not misled anyone.

  25. Pandora's box 12s doesn't work, do you know how to troubleshoot it?

  26. Anyone know name of the game where you can throw everything on the screen?

  27. I also want to build an arcade game machine with raspberry pie, but no one helps me deal with the bugs and game compatibility of the running game. I still wait for other experts to give a tutorial.

  28. Hi what is the best pandora box model I want to play the newer version of king of fighter? Thanks 😊

  29. I want one of these boxes keep new consoles coming so I can decide thank you OMG🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  30. I'm so excited to get this for my birthday. 33 years old feeling like a kid lol

  31. This 3D emulation is so bad 😛 Building old PC with some old APU like A8-7600 can be extremely cheap and everything will run 3 x better.

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