Pandora Box 18S Pro - WIFI - 8000 Games - Multi-player Arcade Game Console - Best Pandroa Arcade? -

Pandora Box 18S Pro – WIFI – 8000 Games – Multi-player Arcade Game Console – Best Pandroa Arcade?

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Pandora Box 18S Pro Special WIFI Version – Multi-player Arcade Game Console / 8000 Games – The Best?

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  1. I was just from gaming channel still have some to watch after this video 👍🤩

  2. Really nice looking.
    1gb ram had me a bit worried, but it seemed to be handling it fine.

  3. Very nice piece of kit, quite expensive though I feel.

  4. Will like how you open it up always like seeing the inside before buying

  5. Great video, nice little retro game console! Did you know it's in the shape of the word CAPCOM 👍🏻

  6. Can you connect a regular game controller to it?

  7. We gonna act like it's not a Capcom shell? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. This was the ultimate review I was looking for. Buying it now.

  9. One of the best pandora box so far nice review bro. Could you please tell me can we download street fighter ex plus a ps1 game? Or is this already installed?

  10. As it got ‘ out run ‘ ? Will it change gear ? Any link where this can be brought

  11. I want this pandora box please help me
    Contact number 8879415206

  12. Can you add your own roms ? Where can I buy this in Canada ? Is there a version with a spinner and trackball ?

  13. Hello I got the pandora box 18s wifi but it only let me download 2 games then it's not letting me connect anymore 😒 it saying failed to connect to (port 8888) after 20000ms? Can you help???

  14. Hey guys someone install the mugen emulator in pandora box like this we can play our street fight game

  15. Hi my pandora box X plus settings has no options to change language from korean to english?
    Anyone knows how to solve this issue??? Thanks alot!!!

  16. Can i connect 4 controllers . 4 player at the same time ??

  17. Hey, Is it possible to create a tutorial on how to add games via USB/SD card? The game market is quite restricted (doesn't have the games I want basically).

    Thanks, liked and subscribed!

  18. Hi, I recently bought one of these and I wanted to know if you're able to install games manually? I tried to add games directly on the micro-SD card but it wouldn't let me add anything, maybe there is a way to do it via USB? thanks, im looking to add Capcom vs SNK 1 & 2. They aren't available on the game store and don't have them preloaded.

  19. Are any of the tomb raider games available in the games market?

  20. I wonder how long it will be before the big companies realise they can simply keep blocking the Chinese download sites to render these useless.

  21. What is the”Burst Settings” located inside the (Enter Game Settings) used for.

  22. the question is how durable the joysticks, because I play fighting games like tekken, sf, snk and a lot more games that required fast moving joystick. It'll be too pity if $300 console broke after 2 months.

  23. Can we add street fighter 5? If yes how it can be do it?

  24. I'm looking for spy hunter and Zoo Keeper, do this one has it

  25. street fighter ex2 plus is it have on this arcade stick..?

  26. I couldn't help laugh when i sore the box. clearly it's the capcom home arcade box mould repurposed.

  27. i will mention the elephant in the room, screen stretching 4:3 screens looks horrible on a widescreen TV, no way to change res either 🙁

  28. I was wondering about the Dreamcast emulation (and troublesome 3D games that are glitching or whatnot). What do you think about overall performance? Improved or not? Curious also to know what your favorite games are that just don't work as well as they should. 😉

  29. How durable are the buttons & joystick? This to me is the key of a quality system. 8000 games doesn't mean much if the controls are lousy.

  30. if only it comes with karaoke option it would be perfect

  31. Is there a delay on the game when you move the sticks or press the buttons?

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