Pac Man Battle Royale - New 4 Player Pac-Man Video Arcade Game - - Namco -

Pac Man Battle Royale – New 4 Player Pac-Man Video Arcade Game – – Namco

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Get more info and buy direct at: – Pac Man Battle Royale Video Arcade Game – New Style 1 to 4 Player “Competitive Play” Video Arcade Game in a new “Upright Cocktail” Table Cabinet, from the creators of Pac-Man, Namco


  1. I'm glad they added in the ghosts, the first few videos I saw didn't feature them, just players trying to see who could get the first power pellet to eat everybody. How long does the game last on one credit? Best two out of three rounds, or is that something the operator can set?

  2. @PressStartComic The earliest version seen at Amusement Expo had ghosts too. But no one really pays much attention to them since you're trying to just get the other Pac-Men.

    The rounds can be set by the operator, I know of three or five rounds, not sure if they have options for more.

  3. It does look cool, but not sure the gameplay holds up to the original Pac-Man or to Pac-Man CE. Was Toru Iwatani involved in this, or did he already retire?

  4. Wow, that's pretty neat, a nice twist to Pac!

  5. @RandomClashers I know what you mean bro.

  6. … I want the Deluxe version. It looks freggin sexy. too bad it costs 10K. geez, I knew it would cost much.. BUT NOT THAT MUCH!!!

  7. They need to make this into a video game even though it friggin' awesome!!!

  8. I saw this at a local pizza place gameroom, but it was not working at the game, hows this play compared to the original, I know there's a vs element to it, which kinda interesting, but just curious how this stacks up to the original thanks for any info

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