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Outrun 2 Arcade Machine – Outrun Mode

Highway Entertainment
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Gameplay of the Outrun 2 driving arcade machine by Sega. This short video, captured straight from the machine gameboard in store at Highway Entertainment, shows gameplay in Outrun or Race mode. For further information on this arcade machine please visit


  1. Please hand the wheel off to someone who actually knows how to play

  2. Some of SEGAs Arcade Legacy….now in 22 they quit arcade market…time they are a changin ;-(

  3. You don't need to power drift on the first stage.

  4. Can you record footage of the Testarossa? It's different in the arcade version

  5. Excelent graphics for a game released in 2003

  6. да , какие воспоминания об этой игре

  7. You are terrible driver I cleared all the stages with a Ferrari F40.

  8. The Xbox Version of this is pretty much identical.

  9. I still love playing this on my original XBOX. Has the original OutRun as an Easter egg too!

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