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Our New Game in Huggy Wuggy’s Arcade! (FV Family New Pup & Stair Slide Vlog)

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We have our 1st FGTeeV Arcade game we are working to get placed into arcades. HUGE Spoiler alert, it’s based on our 4th book! Our 3rd Book hasn’t even dropped yet, it comes out April 5th… You can pre-order today… The Switcheroo Rescue ➡ … Anyways enjoy the sneak peek and SUBSCRIBE and be part of the “before 10 mill club” ➥

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  1. I have a question why did you not name Kallie mocha

  2. We think dogs are savages but people are Savage

  3. Bro they didn’t let him finish the count down

  4. so the the new book is about time travel and there dress will be change and seperated by other times like future ancient past like that

  5. Evren France Villasin of Janelle Molina says:

    I didn’t know that they had that tho

  6. Because he’s supposed to wrap something around their ear as well blow drying because it can hurt their ears the dog

  7. AB what is it the snake came up waiting for eating snake over eat snake bite their sels

  8. Not the start of the video🥲

  9. I hope when Chase mike and Lex and Shawn Get older you guys will still do YouTube videos BTW I love how big they’ve gotten sometimes it makes me cry

  10. Your the video that made me famous thank you😊

  11. Like the oh no it's dislike this oh no audible it's boo a table it's broken

  12. I remember when chase was a lil baby and he really wanted soda, it never gets old

  13. Excuse me and there’s a fourth when I didn’t even get the third I only had the second and first I’m yeah

  14. This is nice! It shows kids how to Gamble!!!

  15. I was right it is about of time or goin back in time

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