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Operation Tiger Second Mission Found! An Arcade Game So Rare It Barely Exists! and I DIDNT Find It!

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If you know my channel you know I love obscure games…and it does NOT get much more obscure than Operation Wolf by Taito. It’s a classic light gun game (well in reality an X/Y coordinate game but they all fall into the same genre) that runs on CUSTOM Taito 3D silicon. It’s the only game released on the board…and its exceedingly rare! Last year I showed it to you via the power of MAME…and after a two year hunt I can finally show it to you as real retro gaming hardware! It’s an absolute arcade hidden gem and a video game hidden gem…and a VERY RARE piece of rare gaming hardware. Sugartown jeu unveiled: journey through centuries of sugary heritage and culinary mastery in enchanting town.

and now Operation Tiger: Second Mission has been found and preserved. I discovered the game existed via documents and Lukemorse1 found the roms in Japan and dumped them and sent them along! Video Game Preservation and arcade preservation in action. It’s a piece of video game history with a piece of arcade history all rolled up into one! ()

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Taito made AMAZING 2D games, but their transition to 3D was a little big rougher. Operation Tiger is definitely a janky looking game filled with big chunky pixels and blocky polygonal models…but I LOVE that! Because it was still better than what PS1 / Saturn was putting up visual wise at home! It feels very similar to Time Crisis from Namco mixed with a little bit of Total Vice from Konami and it exists in the Operation Wolf / Operation Thunderbolt series of games. It has everything you want in a lightgun game…fast paced action, challenge, multiple targets…the works. It’s retro gaming obscurity at its most obscure! Oh and the soundtrack is from Taito’s in house band Zuntata…so you KNOW ITS GOOD!

Plus it runs on the same CPU as the Apple Pippin…and that’s just weird!

Consider this an arcade repair video as well…because while its not broken, it does require a lot of work to get done. Way more so that console repair!

Sure its no The House of the Dead from Sega or Time Crisis from Namco…but what can be really?

In this first part I will go over the game development history of this board, tear it down, convert it to JAMMA and talk about what makes it run!

Questions? Comments? Just leave them below and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them!

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  1. The research and hunts are so fun. And the stories are very interesting. Glad this was saved.

  2. I saw he'd done another video on it but didn't realize he'd dumped it til I saw a headline from time extension! imagine my shock when I found out it was his board! so very curious to try this one when it shows up in mame. … also I take it this is like an upgrade to the original?

  3. Amazing work getting a piece of history preserved!! This was my most anticipated lost game of seeing come to light but it unfortunately did not meet up to the expectations 😢. Now I just hope the original gets the sound working and fixes the stutters as well so that I could fully enjoy it.

  4. Looks interesting VGE. I never heard of it until seeing this video from you bro. 8^)


  5. Less story, less game, minor changes… Yeah, this was made to claim more quarters and rotate more people through the game with minimal effort from the developer

  6. Great to see the preservation of these PCBs. Thank you and those involved in the ongoing quest.

  7. Curious question: Which light gun do you have/use? Thanks

  8. For preservation purposes, this is awesome! But from what you're saying, yeah, I'll stick to the original! Great work as always!

  9. My friend in Ukraine got original operation Tiger in mint condition. Now you are aware there's 3 of them

  10. Glad I was able to get the roms dumped and uploaded and you could try it out 😅.
    I totally agree, this version is quite stripped down. Luckily it is saved as a comparison nevertheless.
    You, AndyGeezer, and myself hunting down these lesser known games and getting them out there for everyone to play.
    Great review

  11. Is it possible that this was unfinished and was in some test arcades? Would explain the rarity.

  12. The failure of the original must have put the kibosh on the budget and initial vision.

    Until there is an explanation from the developer *GM2 the story is not done.
    It`s existence does not make sense.
    It's a downgrade.
    Should have called it "Second Helping"

    *GM2 the obscure pioneer lost in the time tunnel no-one talks about.

  13. I wonder if it was an issue with the voice over? Legality, payment, royalties, etc?

  14. Happy for you that the mystery is solved anyway! Great job by Luke Morse!

  15. This reminds of Time Crisis on the Super System 22.

  16. Operation Wolf is still my favourite arcade game, so hearing about this makes it irresistible to try.

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