Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy Advance Games! - Zebra's Arcade! -

Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy Advance Games! – Zebra’s Arcade!

Zebra Gamer
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Welcome to Zebra’s Arcade! Today we are checking out the Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy Advance games!

Opening – 00:00
Wario Ware, inc. Mega Microgame$! – 00:43
Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros. 3 – 08:39
Mario Kart Super Circuit – 14:29
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga – 21:52
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap – 29:44
Kuru Kuru Kururin – 42:12

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  1. No Kirby and the Amazing Mirror? No Sonic Advance 2?

  2. 11:37


  3. thank you i played gameboy advance wario ware but i lost

  4. How did you get into the gameboy advance for nintendo switch?

  5. Kuru Kuru Kururin is a Japan/Europe exclusive

  6. I’m so excited to be able to play these games. I’ve never played a Warioware game before, but the one here got me super addicted and so I tried the demo of the switch one which has me considering buying it. I’m a huge fan of the Paper Mario games so I’ve always wanted to try the Mario and Luigi RPGs and I’ve never played Minish Cap so that will be fun too. Also a huge Kirby fan do I can’t wait for Amazing Mirror.

  7. How did he do that mine just expired that's not fair

  8. is it weird if i found your videos on tubi?

  9. IF you are gonna play more mario and luigi games you should do dream team,bowsers minions,bowser jr(the rest of the name i forgot)

  10. Happy Friday, Zebra & Zebra Herd. Thanks for doing a brief showcase of these games, Zebra. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 😃

  11. Memories watching u playing mario and luigi superstar saga on the 3ds 😮

  12. Can you please do a full 100% completion of super Mario Bros 3 for gameboy advance, it was one of the many gba titles from my childhood

  13. Zebra pls add me as a friend in Minecraft.

  14. Please Zebra, the Herd absolutely NEEDS a Zelda The Minish Cap let's play !

  15. I would like it if you did a series on gba superstar saga me and my brother are playing it a alot

  16. I would love to see a full series on kuru kuru kuruin it’s such a fun and interesting title. Can you please do a full series on super Mario Bros 3 (the game boy advance version)???

  17. I would LOVE a playthrough of Minish Cap whenever you have the time. It's so cute and I never got to beat it

  18. I am 100% in favor of you doing a full series on SuperStar Saga! (As well as finish Minion Quest)

  19. The order of the M&L games is Superstar Saga, Partners in Time, Bowser's Inside Story, Dream Team, Paper Jam, Superstar Saga Remake, and Bowser's Inside Story remake. I hope to see you play the ones you haven't played yet in the future. 😀

  20. Please finish pokemon quest it never got a part 40

  21. Great video zebra and will you play the New kirdy demo

  22. The small amount is why I uninstalled it 😅


  23. Zebra did u know that there is a game boy advance micro and I’m getting a game boy advance sp I been so excited for it to come by the way it’s from eBay

  24. By the way love your vids keep up the good work on making the best videos I’m a big fan of you

  25. Zebra pls do a 100% super mario bros 3 playthrough for gameboy advance? 🙂

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