NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Game - Arcade1UP - ULTIMATE UNBOXING & REVIEW! -

NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Game – Arcade1UP – ULTIMATE UNBOXING & REVIEW!

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Today we unbox, build, and PLAY the all new NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Game by Arcade1UP! Get on the gridiron for some glorious retrogaming! YES, one of Arcade1Up’s most requested home arcade machines ever is here, and ready to rush into your home: NFL BLITZ!

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Unboxing
02:37 Let’s Build
03:23 Closer Look
04:43 Startup
05:24 Menu
05:52 NFL Blitz
09:20 NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition
12:18 Review Conclusion

Originally released by Midway in the late ‘90s and officially licensed by the NFL, this was the iconic, showboatin’ football title that featured every pro team during that time and legendary players in their over-the-top best.

Now, over two decades later, bring that intense (and yes, way nostalgic!) competitive drive into your home, courtesy of Arcade1Up. Producing authentic arcade experiences in an easily assembled design, Arcade1Up game machines are must-haves for your family game room, your fancave, home bars, or a welcome distraction in the office. They play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces. No quarters required!

Let’s start off with this home arcade cabinet’s stunning design. Sportin’ gorgeous licensed artwork, a branded riser, and a brilliant lit marquee, this is a football fanatic’s dream showpiece.

Ready to play? Get offensive, get defensive, get hyped. Gameplay looks amazing on this brilliant display, and the real-feel controls are just what the QB needed for superb precision.

Yep, NFL BLITZ, NFL BLITZ ‘99, and NFL BLITZ 2000: GOLD EDITION are all included. Just switch it up at will, with the easy to navigate on-screen menus. Oh, and you really think you’re best in league? See how you stack up to the competition with WiFi online multiplayer and leaderboards!

It’s time to tackle your millennium memories. Draft Arcade1Up’s NFL BLITZ game machine, and get your home into the endzone!

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  1. Has anyone ever had issues with the game powering off? It's almost like the on/off switch isn't staying on…

  2. Woah!!!!!! That is just totally Sick as heck!!!!!! 🏈🏈🏈🏈

  3. Nice video! I would love to custom detail mine with Randy Moss!

  4. How is the screen size for this type of game? Ok at 17”?

  5. Didn’t they remove a lot of tackles from was in the original game?

  6. Nice review KhanFlicks! Very well done!

  7. Would love to see someone review it that was competent at the game but gameplay footage looks good. Taking a risk buying it but its my alltime favorite game so im just going for it. Not to mad about late hits getting removed, when i play it on dreamcast i never do it anyhow.

  8. The reason the dislike button should still show how many.


    Just kidding. It was just a gameplay video, coupled with some annoying commentary. I don’t like your personality at all. Doesn’t feel genuine. Your excitement feels forced. Also never dance after a touchdown ok? It’s like you don’t want to be there. Your reactions to everything seemed fake. I’m pretty much convinced that I don’t like you as a person. Other than that, you did a good job.

  10. you have to download the latest firmware as the third included game is missing. Contact them and they will push it!

  11. They got rid of more tackles than late hits, so not just late hits that most YT shillers keep saying.

  12. You got to take the film off the screen on these new cabinets first.

  13. no you can't run around and hit people when the play is over

  14. Why is it that always the incompetent youtubers that get these first reviews.
    i want to see actual folks review this who know the game and actually know how to play it.

  15. Wait… where’s Blitz 99??? Arcade1Up said that Blitz 99 was in it.

  16. How did you get the sticker off the NFL Blitz Marquee when you got it built?

  17. Really nice early review of this cab. Of the very few early "reviews" out there, this is hands down the best one thus far. Ignore these anti-1up zombie looking haters, this cabinet looks awesome and given the current atmosphere of todays professional sports it is truly amazing that a1up was even able to bring this to homes (some people can't seem to grasp that, or they just totally ignore it). Good job 👍

  18. I like @8:20 how he says you can tackle people between plays and then try’s to and tackles nothing but air because they nurtured the game and removed late hits. This is not the Blitz games we grew up with at all these are android ports that are altered and censored with things taken out that made the games special like late hits, midway mentions, and all the fun regular hits plus the purple bar over the players they didn’t get licenses for is a major eye sore

  19. See and people bashed it down, they even left the helmets coming off in the game

  20. This is the best NFL Blitz has ever looked, Now as an arcade cabinet for the home!

  21. would you do full uninterrupted game play of all three games please?

  22. My first Arcade1Up was Ninja turtles. A year ago I got my 2nd , NBA JAM. I thought turtles would be my favorite but NBA JAM gets so much more replay time from me and my son that I realize these midway games are the best possible arcade experience with their stat tracking and competitive edge. Now I’m selling Ninja turtles and preordering this in its place. I can’t wait to get it.

  23. When are you going to post a video of all the custom graphics you have on your Arcade1up's?

  24. Capcon Vs Marvel2 is gonna be my first cabinet and I can’t wait . How long useally does it take for it to come in the mail . I just ordered it 4 days ago

  25. THIS is the arcade game I’ve been most anticipating from Arcade1up, for years I was refreshing their site hoping they would soon release this game and they finally have! A lot of great memories playing with my Cowboys on there as a kid beating all my friends lol now I get to do it all over again muhahahaha

  26. Is it just me or does it seem like the game is running faster than normal?

  27. Is it true ? No late hits in this version of 1 up

  28. Damn. They best release a baseball one next

  29. The NFL taking out the late hits is some soft @ss sh*t.. otherwise this is really dope!
    Spent alot of time playing this game as a kid. I'm sure the nostalgia will be through the roof

  30. Love this video man. I was unsure about this one but watching you have sooo much fun. I gotta get it now

  31. They took late hits out of this version… i hope that the modding scene brings them back. Such an iconic game from the past and way funner than any of the crap ea has put out in the last 15+ years. Great video buddy.

  32. I dont have the head size option on mine and why does no one calibrate the joystick. mine came on moving by itself

  33. Bought one but returned it.. 5 reasons why (1) No late hits (2) only 2 min quarters and NO options for gameplay (3) No season mode or online mode at the time I had it (4) Screen was too small. Add $100 to the cost and make the screen bigger (5) It wasn’t a FULL version of any of the 3 games.

    Great opportunity missed here. Hopefully they will make a Midway arcade with all the midway games, with a bigger screen and full games. They could sell that for $800-$900 easy

  34. Game looks cool but I don't like the 4 player for it, looks like it would be very crowded but great video thanks for sharing

  35. Its not bad buy if you a fan but with out original stuff,I stick with my mame blize.Its far better.full everything. Lol

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