NFL Blitz Arcade - My Latest Arcade Machine Project -

NFL Blitz Arcade – My Latest Arcade Machine Project

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NFL Blitz Arcade – My Latest Arcade Machine Project
Let me walk you through the odd series off events that turned a dead Extreme Hunting 2 cabinet into a glorified NFL Blitz arcade machine with lots of extra bells and whistles.

The Blitz titles largely follow standard American football rules as outlined by the NFL, but with key differences to encourage faster and more aggressive play. In the original games, seven players are on the field per side (as opposed to eleven). Not only were there fewer players, but positions were flexible at best. Wide receivers could be known to run the ball and sometimes pass, and defensive players were all crosses between pass rushers and defensive backs. 2002 saw an increase to eight players and NFL Blitz Pro (released in 2003) increased to the full eleven.

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  1. Quick question, what do you call that piece that covers the gap between the screen and the control panel? Looking for something like that for my setup.

  2. Great stuff man! Been following you since the beginning. 👍🏻

  3. Way to go! 1up PG BLITZ NO BUY. just crap .

  4. Yep happ buttons IL sticks or I use Mag Stick plus sticks . Expensive but so worth it.

  5. Badassss what Program did u get with all the games I’ve been looking cant find 🙁

  6. Brilliant machine my friend quick question what dell optiplex are you using in your cabs?

  7. Great break-down seeing you brining this old arcade cabinet a new coat of paint and bring a new life with the reworking you've done. The whole cabinet looks very professional and great to seeing more of the behind the scenes development/hardware to creating this beauty.

  8. Last time I played original NFL Blitz on MAME it lagged alot. Have they fixed the rom to make it more playable?

  9. Okay… this is how I would have wanted to do this cabinet for sure… happ comp convex buttons are my preference for sure. Damn 500 that’s fantastic!

  10. I’m also looking for SEGA Star Wars Trilogy!

  11. What pc specs. Are you running? Video card? Awesome cab!!:-) thanks for your time

  12. Awesome Job 🤘🍻 Did you add showtime or is included with one of the newer CoinOps builds? I've never seen it on a CoinOps build before 🤔

  13. Great Job. Sweet set-up. If you ever want to sell it, I’ll pay top dollar. Keep up the good work!

  14. "yeah i decided to make my own nfl blitz cab– intro plays LOL love the vid tho!

  15. Meanwhile arcade1up charging 599$ for downgraded blitz cab

  16. Good call. the arcade1up release is what I was waiting for, until I saw they watered it down. Now I'm back to wishing I had of never sold my legit NFL Blitz Cabinet.

  17. Damn this is bad-ass Well done sir well done I could see myself drinking beer and playing this all night long lol Now I want one LOL 😎🍻👍

  18. Doug, your progression to real arcades and pinball has been fun to watch. The collection is looking REAL nice bud.

  19. Is NHL open ice in there? Legendary sports game

  20. Thugggggfreshhhhhh you crushed it omg this cab looks amazing so sick

  21. I have a nba jam 1up an I would like to do what you have done so I can play blitz what do I need

  22. Waste of money is what it is $600 is to much money I rather buy another PS5 or xbox series X console arcade 1 up raised the prices every year they come up with better arcade 1 ups look at Pac-Man it started in 2018 with 2 games now pacmania comes with 14 games the one before that one was Pac-Man Legacy only 12 games the newest games that was added was rolling thunder and galaga 88 I’ll wait even more years and buy them when it’s the right time

  23. Quite amazing. That will keep you going for decades of gaming.

  24. Nice cabinet nfl blitz is one of my favorite sport games of all time. Good job on a beautiful cabinet.

  25. much better than the crap 1up experience I cant believe they modified games

  26. Sweet sweet cab. Where do your order your happ buttons and cherry switches? I'm needing them!

  27. Amazing job. Love it!!! Keep up the great work.

  28. What are the specs on your Dell Optiplex? I’m looking for a budget pc that can run Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy as flawlessly as possible. Thanks.

  29. do u have a link as to what pc your using. I get so confused as to what PC requirements I need to run these games like Blitz, Showtime, Killer Instinct, etc.

  30. Nice work! The custom bezel, did you buy it or make your own?

  31. Great video. Are you using the MAME version of Blitz or the Dreamcast version? My MAME version is playable but has problems with some gameplay and audio (stutters), What are the specs of your Dell Optiplex, and are you using a video card? Thanks again for your help with this

  32. greta looking cab
    where did you get the lighted marque ?

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