Next Generation Affordable Retro Arcade Machine ? -

Next Generation Affordable Retro Arcade Machine ?

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IYO Arcade comes with a new Pandora’s Box 14 inch IPS Portable Arcade.
Is this the Next Generation Retro Arcade Console / Machine from China ?

Quick Naughty Skipping:
0:00 – Begin
0:11 – Unboxing
1:18 – Product Overview
2:03 – Display Quality & Aspect Ratio Settings
2:48 – Software / What can it do ?
5:04 – Control Panel
6:03 – Make it portable !
6:53 – Teardown
8:18 – Mainboard Specs
9:21 – Connections ?
10:09 – Game Testing / Gameplay
13:49 – Conclusion

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Product / Products I show in this video have been purchased by myself.
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  1. Considering getting this for myself, beside console emulation, is cps1-3 neo geo and other arcade roms fine? Prob all I need for this tbh?

  2. From what I have been seeing. These pandora boxes and systems are the same thing, different cases. Old tech thats hardly changed.

  3. Did you ever mod this system with new buttons and stuff, would loveto see it great videos thanks!

  4. You must have a warehouse full of bar top arcades at this stage.

  5. Yo wicked gamer could you make a playlist only for bartop arcade and mini arcade

  6. China scamed you I made one myself exactly the same one for $50 🤣

  7. Looks like a great machine here. However, the Pandora systems seem to be a mish mash of hit and miss arcade games thrown together. Some games work very well, others, not so good. When are we going to see a miniature dedicated proper arcade machine based on their bigger arcade counterparts? That's what I want to see.

  8. Help super comper x wich is best pad to but ps4 with usb or??

  9. make it without the board inside ( so you can put a mister or raspberry pi) a little bit cheaper them 200 and that could be something.

  10. Awesome video how much does it cost USD? I see a $130 version and very interested to see how it runs. 🟠 Also an emuelec tutorial would be clutch!

  11. For a "Next Gen" it runs pretty crappy…PASS.

  12. The idea around this unit is not bad, but when you look on the listings and see that if you went the route of console only you would be paying £45. If you add in the cost of a relatively cheap monitor, PSU and a decent controller that will total around the £150 – £175 . With this unit being listed for £262 you need to then wonder whether the arcade control scheme and the wooden shell is worth the extra £100 to you (especially since you can get an arcade style joystick with a similar layout to this for under £24 including delivery).

  13. Can a usb stick be used as additional memory to download games from the naughty store?

  14. Is there anyone who can make 「This Retro Arcade Machine+android phone retroarch 」
    it would be great if I could combination : )

  15. Same old Pandora's Box in a new case. Cheaper buy a used Dell i7 2600k add a used GTX 1050 put it inside a arcade cabinet

  16. I'm thinking this will be what I get for my son for his birthday. He'll only be 7, but he lives retro fighting games(seriously, his toys even play martial arts, it's a lifestyle for him) I can beat him at street fighter 2 turbo, but that's it these days. Even games I grew up with like bloody roar and tekken he smokes me.

    A real arcade fighting machine would blow his mind.

  17. Great video! This thing is super interesting.

  18. Cool! 😀🕹😀🕹😀🕹😀🕹😀🕹

  19. Wicked Gamer I'm gonna need you to take a trip to China and tell them we need a game board that can handle PSP, Game cube, Sega cd, N64, Sega dreamcast , and the naughty store working flawlessly and we need it by the end of 2021.
    great video thanks

  20. Its retroid pocket 2 in bartop so no nice but sad you didnt try 3d dreamcast games

  21. You got me excited with the next generation title. I was hoping for some new 2021 board. It’s just another box from last year.

  22. They are very clearly going for a Neo Geo feel with those colors and logos.

  23. Hi Wicked what did you think of Doug's mod for a 32" display on Arcade 1up Pinball Machine as a proof of concept? Would you mod your machine this way or stay with the original display?

  24. I really like it, at least the concept, its just sad that psp, n64 and dc dont play smooth considering even a toaster can run those now a days, specially ppsspp stand alone emulator, its just so well optimized even my amazon stick can run the least demanding games, got to double check but even tekken, I am sure if you can tweak the settings that chip should be able to handle it like adding 1 frame skip and setting scaling to 1xpsp. Mvsc2 glitching is probably just a resolution setting, in any device I've tried it if you dont use 640×480 it gets all messed up.

  25. I was thinking, you must be running out of space with all these things you buy. Do you put them up on eBay after a while? And thanks for recommending to super console x I'm pretty happy with mine😎👍

  26. I don't understand why they don't use Pi4s, and still use those outdated pandora boards…

  27. The visible dents under the paint for screws and other mounts and things in the metal parts are awful.

  28. Holy Retro Cabnit Batman package from China is back

  29. That's almost an attractive design. The marque kinda kills it for me.

  30. Quite a few of these on the market I'd like to 2 player side by side in this style I like It. It looks light and not very space consuming 😄

  31. Ugh, 300 ish for the units, 300 to 500 for shipping?!?!? Ouch

  32. China ! if the marquee lit up and the screen was brighter I would consider it.

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