New Upcoming Retro Arcade Games 2022 -

New Upcoming Retro Arcade Games 2022

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Check out my Top NEW and Upcoming Retro Arcade Games in 2022. A Massive arcade action and shoot em up countdown of games just released and coming in 2022, along with new games in development. There are plenty of modern style game previews out there already, so I focus on my favorite genres; Arcade action platformers like Bushiden and Iron Meat, Beat Em Ups like Jitsu Squad, and awesome new Indie shmups like Grand Cross Renovation, Sturmwind EX, Gunvein by NG DevTeam, and plenty more. Not only modern games for the PS4, Switch, Xbox and Steam, but also retro games for classic consoles. Upcoming releases like Sol Cresta and GetsuFumaDen. Arcade Archives classic shoot em ups like Thunder Dragon 2 and M2’s Hishouzame Same Same Same collection. A giant indie spotlight on upcoming games for 2022 that should have you excited. If you’re tired of the same ol’ Top 10 or 20 New Games lists with nothing but first person, open world, and AAA games, and are looking for some old school arcade action and retro games instead, then this Top Games List is for you!

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00:00 – New Arcade Games 2022
01:38 – GUNVEIN by NGDev Team
05:34 – Jitsu Squad
08:20 – Contra Reborn: IRON MEAT
10:07 – Never Awake
13:25 – Sturmwind EX: A Dreamcast Indie Classic
17:24 – Grand Cross Renovation: A Modern Treasure
20:51 – Sophstar
24:01 – Balls of Steel Complete!
26:40 – Moon Dancer
30:03 – Stellar Fury Alpha
31:29 – Upcoming Games 2022 Montage

Thank you to Pix n Love games for the physical Nintendo Switch Collector’s Edition of Sturmwind EX. Additional thanks to publisher Henteko Doujin for the Grand Cross Renovation Steam key.

Additional game footage:

Grand Cross Renovation Player 2 Ship gameplay by Mark_MSX of The Electric Underground:

Moon Dancer by Weeb Nerd Gaming:

Moon Dancer Caravan Mode by Aktane:


  1. Your videos are incredible!! You deserve millions of subscribers. They are all so interesting and informative. Much love from the UK

  2. I love Beat Em Ups like SOR2 TMNT Turtles in Time Arcade

  3. Sophstar is really fun. Got it today, played every ship so far, wouldn´t have thought that I would play it that much right away. Saw you in the Ranking for the Katha ship on intermediate. I´m currently placed second 😉

  4. iron meat, steel born, dead end city aiaiaiaia <3 can't wait. Can you please tell me what song is that in the end montage? i love it! 😀

  5. Does anyone know if Jitsu Squad will have a physical release?

  6. I used to play vertical shooters back int he day, but the newfangled bullet-hell crap is too much for me. Too bad since they look so amazing, aside from when the screen is so littered with projectiles it obscures what is going on underneath.

  7. Oh shit! A new Pocky & Rocky game! That’s surprising

  8. 1) Gunvein: Yeah the graphic are just meh to me as well but having 2 ways to use bombs & it having fair checkpoints = promising game.

    2) Jitsu Squad: I love beat em ups and this game look really good.

    3) Iron Meat: After Blazing Chrome I really need another Contra like game and seems really promising!

    4) Never Awake: I am in love with these creepy graphic and the music is really good as well.

    5) Sturmwind Ex: I already knew about this game but it just look okay to me.

    6) Grand Cross Renovation: I love Treasure games so seeing this made me extra happy! This is the one that I am most looking forward to that is out now.

    7) Sophstar: This game is in 2nd place! With 9 ships & different teleporting powers?! Come on that is too awesome.

    8) Operation Steel: Yeah, I am not really feeling this one. I really don't care for the graphic.

    9) Moon Dancer: Look like another decent retro inspired game. With checkpoints and no credit feeding?! Sign me up!

    10) Stellar Fury Alpha: the graphic are meh to me like with Gunvein. The music is good tho.


    Thanks for these giveaways! I am so hype for Bushiden & I am so surprise at Pocky & Rocky Reshrined.

  9. Amazing games all around, thanks for getting me pumped for 2022! 🙂 Do we get to hear the actual music of GunVein in the video or was that an awesome placeholder?

  10. Gunvein – Nice! HD graphics look like what pixels shmups would have done. Grand Cross – Great!

  11. Why don’t you just call this video ‘New Schmups for 2022?”

  12. I loved this video, so many games I had no idea about!

  13. So many awesome games in this video. Bushiden and Jitsu Squad look amazing. Just take my money. Love those bullet hell games too, sadly I'm not a kid anymore. My brain and reflexes are shot to hell now.

  14. Good shmup lists! I follow a lot of these games on twitter and checked them out not too long ago! This shows that indie gaming has good games even though people say that indie games are just garbage which I always see people cry and complain about. In reality you just have to dig through the muck and see that there are gold out there when it comes to games in the indie market. Not all good games have to be AAA games. I do play AAA games but I also focus a lot on indie games because of lists like this! Nice!

  15. that 2nd game jitsu squad was that max mcmillian or something?
    iron meat looks cool.. as long it's not twinstick but like the classic games.. twinstick would make it more difficult (like guns gore and cannoli)

  16. i want the mobile game space shooter on consoles, can't enjoy it.. cool ships but you can't see it if your finger is on top of it.. so no that cheap looking shooter is not for me.

  17. What's the track that plays last in the video?

  18. Rho…thanks to share.
    Just during intro,I never seen these.
    I’m just on the Cotton rock,Kof 15,Battle axe,troubles witches..
    Always happy to see new ’neo retro’ game.
    Jitsu,Never awake..I will take them ps4/steam.
    Also…Magical blaster..Pocky Rocky..Shinorubi..Andro Dunos 2 (maybe a Last resort 2,View point 2…♡).

  19. I'm hoping to see on the switch : Batrider, Truxton II, Kingdom Grand Prix, Gekiridan, Donpachi, Dodonpachi, Dodonpachi Dai ou Jou, Ketsui, Espagaluda 1, Mushihime-Sama Futari, Guwange, Fever SOS, Dogyuun, Hyperduel, Outzone, V-V & if possible also more capcom arcade games in their Capcom Arcade Stadium like The Punisher, Alien vs Predator & Eco Fighters, also would be nice to have Viewpoint (Neo Geo) in the arcade archives.

  20. Great video!
    Hey, in the topic of Beat'em-ups, have you tried Fight n' Rage, it gave me the same impression you describe here with Jitsu Squad.

  21. Just the opening alone got me really excited. Pretty much every game shown here is going on my radar. Great stuff!

  22. Mostly because of your recommendation I am playing Sophstar and loving it! It is fantastic. I hope you find more time to talk about it.

  23. NGDEV games are similar hard to get than the PS5. Actually harder because the PS5 will show up again… Dont understand its company policies. The game wont be playable for all because they will produce limited batches again and it will be possible to order in 2 batches I assume. Additionally the server will go down during these times…..The only thing we can do is to have a look at their website to see, that all games are out of stock Normally a website should be there to order games which are available or the possibility to preorder again when on stock. How about Razion EX? Sold out. Looks like the site is just to inform that you were too late to order 🙂 Sad times nowadays. But great video like always!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hey man where I can find the release dates? Thank you, great vids and channel for us shmps addicted

  25. Dont mind me, just listening to the preview of Exemia's new album, which will come bundled with a game. GUNVEIN looks really good though!

  26. Amazing video, dude. Thanks for the recommendos.

  27. Never Awake looks so sick. Hopefully it comes out soon!

  28. I am sorry. But can u please name the sytem the games released. Ps4 switch xbox or pc/steam.

  29. Not really good at bullet hell so GunVein looks like a pass for me, no matter how good it looks. I just hope they make reprint of Razion EX physical copies more accessible.

  30. the song in the intro, does inyone have the link to it on youtube?

  31. WOOOT!?!? was there an Maximillian Dood easter egg in Jitsu Squad at 07:03 ? How did they pull that off?? , Amazing

  32. I hope that they will add Coop in Iron Meat… as You said, Contra and Doom, it feels like home. 👽👍 And yeah, Shoot Em Ups from Sophstar till the end are the one I will definitely looking for and play them! Great video as always!!!

  33. My friend, is it really confirmed that Jitsu Squad is coming to Switch?

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