New Star Wars Arcade Game: Battle Pod - Trailer -

New Star Wars Arcade Game: Battle Pod – Trailer

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Check out this first look at the new Star Wars arcade game developed by Bandai-Namco.


  1. Kind of hilarious that the original 1977 Death Star explosion is still more satisfying that the cheap CG crap they've been pumping out since. The original was so good.

  2. They have one at Concord Mills here in NC. Shit was epic. The Endor Mission was awesome.

  3. Being a veteran of the original pod game 機動戦士ガンダム 戦場の絆 (Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield), the way Bandai Namco recycle the pod cabinets for Star Wars intrigues me. Star Wars Battle Pod has five selectable missions; that's about it. I'll miss the days where you can play in these pod cabinets online against the opposing team nationwide Japan.

  4. I finally played the whole game and it is awesome!

  5. How much does one of those cost?just curious.

  6. Star Wars Battle Pod > Gundam  Battle Pod

  7. the one i played was not as clear as this, the one i played was alot more blurry and was kind of hard to see what you were doing, kind of like a bad 3d effect where the image isnt quite right, apart from that it was good

  8. I'm gonna go on one of these tomorrow and play every level one after the other

  9. First thing im gonna put in my bedroom when i get rich

  10. Oh god please let us have the X-Wing inside Ace Combat Infinity! Mix and match! Or the Secret Weapons of Luftwaffe or yet Secret Weapons Over Normandy…
    Please don`t let it be just an arcade…

  11. I played this today for the first time and it is amazing. I haven't been in an arcade in like 10 years and I dropped about $16 on this game.

  12. Shit why did I buy my Titan X's…could've bought this pod instead 🙁

  13. Just got to play this and it was epic. Me and my friends were completely amazed by this game.

  14. I tihkn the feeling would be better without the enourmous Interfaces and Symbols

  15. I played this yesterday at Dave & Busters in Nashville, TN. All I can say is WOW! The screen is a half circle, so you basically are enclosed mostly by screen. Music is great (I mean come on, it's Star Wars), and it gave me thrill of when I use to play Star Wars Arcade back in the day. Favorite level was either the first death star assault or Vader's Revenge (where you pilot as Vader). If you get the chance to play it, go for it. Haha I can't even imagine what people in line thought when I was cheering as I shot down Tie Fighters.

  16. Games like this have been out since the 90s there's nothing NEW here and you're not really driving the Bike you only can control the shooting there is way too much HYPE behind this game

  17. Played this just now at Timber Ridge, easily the best arcade game I've seen in decades. Great job guys!!

  18. This game is FLIPPIN' AMAZING!!! I played it with a buddy of mine at a local laser tag fun center yesterday, and it was one of their newest arcade machines there. It was my first time playing it, and I managed to complete every mission and make it to the top of the leaderboard for all of them. However that is subject to change since the game is still pretty new there.

  19. Who thinks this game should have a port for the Wii U? I mean, think about it; TANK!TANK!TANK! was an arcade game that got released for the Wii U, and it, like Battle Pod, was also published by Bandai Namco. To add to that, Star Wars Battlefront is not being released for the Wii U anyway. So, Wii U owners would benefit in that regard. What are all your thoughts?

  20. like it! like it! like it!!!! May the force be with you!!!

  21. I played this at the arcade at MOA yesterday and my other friends played they got 2nd place overall and my friend and I got 492nd when we played.
    I would give up my comfy bed for this game in my house

  22. forget trying to win tickets at Dave and Busters, I'm spending all my tokens on this pod. it's so fun!!!

  23. When you take off, did you all feel like a blast of air in your face, or am i imagining things.
    played it (again) in the trafford center last night.
    want one, there cough only 28 grand…

  24. I just got back from playing this game at the arcade. I was heavily disappointed. I have worked on warped screen flight simulator development and this thing was done very poorly. It seems like the game was developed entirely for a flat screen and then thrown onto a dome as an after-thought. Also the fixed path flight aspect of the game makes it seem like you are just along for the ride. The throttle does almost nothing and the random "multi-missle" launches that only happen at certain parts of the game just come across as inane. Flying through ice caves on Hoth was dumb. TIE fighters being present in that fight at all was really dumb (there was a shield up, no imperial space craft would have been able to make it into that fight). Why would you feel wind on your face in a space-craft??? The second death star battle (over Endor) was really short. There is no real use of depth in the game so it just comes across as a barf of action all around you without any real context or skill being required. I really wanted this to be great, but it fell REALLY short of being even semi-enjoyable to play. Go download X-Wing Alliance and see what a real Star Wars game is supposed to be like.

  25. Made in Japan.
    The most excite country that is Japan

  26. Played it this afternoon and holy crap was it a friggin power trip. I loved every moment of it!

  27. I tried this and felt massively disappointed at how little control you actually have. It basically feels like an on rail light gun game except you're using an awkward stick and booster that you never understand quite how much real control they offer.

  28. I've played with one of these. It's very intense. Shame there's not more levels, or longer levels. That's it's only issue. It leaves you wanting it to go longer

  29. trust me this battle pod thing is amazing, i used up 15 pounds in it

  30. Looks like a rail shooter
    Wish it was ace combat but star wars style lol
    Playing ace combat with joystick is pretty cool lol

  31. I played this and I liked it but sadly my mom won't allow me because it was expensive in the cinema

  32. I want a pod like that to play Elite Dangerous.

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