NEW AtGames Legends Gamer Mini REVIEW! Portable Arcade Gaming For $100! -

NEW AtGames Legends Gamer Mini REVIEW! Portable Arcade Gaming For $100!

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The AtGames Legends Gamer Mini, the little brother to the Legends Gamer Pro and Legends Ultimate! A single player arcade machine that is open and connected with all the same features as its bigger brother for half the price! *Product was provided to me for purpose of review.

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  1. Very nice. I would like to see one slightly larger, to accommodate a trackball. Also, although it probably won’t ever happen, a stick that can be swapped from 8-way to 4-way from the top of the console. I know they exist, but not at this price point.

  2. AT Games have redeemed themselves big time, maybe some of your videos shook their corporate foundations jaja.

  3. Can you play the mortal kombats 1 to 3 arcade games?

  4. I would have bought the pro if it had the Spinners for sure 🙁. Maybe in the future they will come out with the pro XL that includes the Spinners😀

  5. Lol. You want to bring one game console for your kids in the back seat of the car. This means you know nothing about kids and keeping them quiet in the back seat. You have to bring TWO consoles. As a grandpa, trust me, I know. Lol.

  6. I don't know if it made it to the States, but AtGames released an updated version of their Sega Genesis HD Flashback console in 2018 and it was already a great departure from everything they had done before. It seems like they really are working on quality now.

  7. What game is that at the end that looks like gauntlet with the dragons flying over?

  8. That's so cool! Like a mini arcade stick/ping pong! Hopefully next year you'll be able to go into starbucks and play bro once the Vacc's start getting out. I miss the way things were.

  9. which do u prefer.. this or a pandora box'

  10. When MLP and ETA Prime are both singing strong praise for the same line of devices then wow At Games really turned a corner

  11. Noticed you were using pinball side buttons, but they don't appear on the picture on AtGames website. Did they come with the mini or did you add them?

  12. I'd really like to get one of these but unfortunately the very mention of the name A$$ Games makes me puke a little bit in my mouth.

  13. Wow….am I about to buy an AT Games product? I believe I am, yes sir! This thing is only $100 and does all of that while giving me a chance to add more, sign me up. From joke to really having their act together this year has been a very strange one indeed.

  14. Hello does the console hockey puck come with the mini?

  15. What about for people who don't have great net for streaming? Can this arcade stick play PC/Steam games via bluetooth or wired?

  16. Can you add a trackball to it? If so where would you connect it? Second, is Centipede one of the games available?

  17. Hi I have a question I have yet to have anyone answer pls maybe you can? So I just ordered the one you showed with the 2 sticks and track ball the pro and was going to order a USB stick with the coinopsx games from eBay like you showed with the cool menus so the question is when I get the USB do I just turn on the system, plug the usb in and that's it? Will it just open up that cool scrolling menu and I just play the games or do I have to download stuff and do techy stuff? Thank you so much if you can give me a straight up answer no one has so far!

  18. Huh legends gamer is not at games website why could someone tell me

  19. Does it come with a spin wheel to play Arkanoid?

  20. Does it play marvel vs capcom or X-men vs street fighter

  21. Payed full price for the both stick and roller ball controller lol was broke had no problem with the neo geo pro stick arcade and better games and buttons what tv is that want one for my neo geo stick

  22. Can I use this legends mini for my pc or my raspberry pi?

  23. Is there any way to use headphones while playing?

  24. I'm starting to come around/take a look again, as the products of theirs I bought years ago were absolute garbage.

  25. If you want to play this on your TV in the living room, how awkward would it be? Can you have it on your lap on the couch or should you be on the floor sitting indian style or something? It just seems much more suited for a table top.

  26. How do you add games? Do you have a video on that?

  27. I don’t have nostalgia for these but I still love a lot of these

  28. Can u hook this or the pro gamer up to a pi as an arcade stick?

  29. Appreciate the info. It was great even a year later on getting one of these thing. I found it for a great deal, New. So thanks

  30. this is 50 bucks now. is it worth it? can i use the controller to play shmups on my pc? i watch a couple of your vids. i might get one and jailbreak it if possible.

  31. 1 year later and I was able to get it on CLR at gamestop for $50 with free shipping sweet

  32. Too bad they don't have a version of this in the Pro Series that has a spinner that would let you play Tron and Tempest properly.

  33. It's Annoying how AtGames Customer support is horrible, I can not find any info on where to buy replacement Restricter Gates for the Joysticks, you can't buy them on their E-Store and they don't tell you what brand of Gates to look for on E-Bay or Amazon. Nobody on Youtube has any videos about how to replace or change out / upgrade AtGames Restricter Gates. I found a few videos explaining the facts different Restricter Gates and what each type of Gates does but none and where to buy Gates Compatible with AtGames Joysticks or what brand they use so I can search on E-Bay for that brand. I emailed them over 5 days a go about the 12 volt AC adapter and they have not responded.
    I bought the Legends Gamer Mini on E-bay (As of 6:45pm EDST 4/8 it has not arrived yet Stupid USPS) and think maybe it was a bad decision if I can't get any help on using it (other than how to Add Games or install CoinopsX Arcade Version 5 is Alive Saucey Edition) or changing it's Restricter Gates.

  34. I bought one of these from Sam's Club back in January for $69 I wish the quality of the device was better now it won't recognize the controller( it will pair with my android tablet and laptop and work fine) , the pairing button doesn't work, and it won't reset through that small hole in the back. I've only played with the device maybe 7 times including with Coinops X and it's already failed I hope the Legends Core Max is of better quality.

  35. If G Story was to make a screen for this like they did for the PS5 and Series Consoles that would be cool.

  36. Can this be used as a standalone USB gamepad for other programs on a windows 10 pc like mame ,retroarch ,pcsx2 and Other emulators ? As opposed to strictly using it for the atgames frontend software its geared towards

  37. Thank you for the review. I just purchased this unit and set it up and played a few games. Powered the unit off and a couple hours later I turned the TVs back on and the control head unit and it wouldn’t reconnect..? It would try then I would get a plaid colored screen. Then it would state no signal. Do I need to do something other then just turn the unit on to play it?? Thx

  38. Hi @Madlittlepixel I'm thinking it buying the mini version, does it still worth in 2023? or is there any better alternative?

  39. Where can I buy the add ons for the pinball buttons?

  40. I just picked this up to replace the control board of my Legends Mini.

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