New Arcade games in 2023 are AWESOME! -

New Arcade games in 2023 are AWESOME!

Retro Ralph
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In this video, we take a look at some awesome new arcade games for 2023! We will cover everything from the latest virtual reality, indie arcade games, racing games, and everything in between!

Watch the Full Exa-Arcadia video here:

Games Featured in this Video:


Hologate Ghostbusters VR Academy:


Sweet Robo (Cotten Candy Machine):

MotoGP™ VR:

Halo® Fireteam Raven™:

Fast & Furious Arcade ©:

Stern Pinball Foo Fighters:


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  1. Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the game he played on the wall that he said it's similar to a VR?? Would really appreciate it

  2. Shitty vr headsets. Why are they using the old htc vive headset and controllers better vr technology out today

  3. If only Brave Firefighters 2 would be released…

  4. vr arcade games is a new area of games im excited to see what they do with them in the years to go nothing like your classic arcade games something everyone who likes arcade gaming should try any of the vr arcades

  5. Dude … please tell me you noticed Roger Sharpe who came to play the Foo Fighter machine right next to yours.

  6. You should try a proper sim racing rig with vr or tripple screens, motion and haptics, I think youll like it! And might end up spending a bit too much money on it… You have been warned 😉

  7. Rebirth of arcades? Yes please.
    FYI, the last one was a CAVE projection system. I set one up in my game room. You just need the space, warping software and away you go. 😁

  8. Hungry hungry hippos? Wow lol. Cool stuff in this video. I want that modern silent scope game in my bedroom.

  9. The post on Foo Fighters is called the "Deadpost".. it's an absolutely awesome machine for sure!

  10. Cheap Thrills is just a glorified cell phone/mobile game, they're always trash, sorry.

  11. damn i remember 4-6 token games back in the day, what will these arcade cost to play $5 a credit?

  12. These new games look like a lot of fun, to bad that in the UK this kinda thing is still so thin on the ground, nothing like this anywhere near me that I`m aware of, just one or 2 small/medium retro arcades within a 100 miles or so but I already build my own fancy cabs that do all that anyway ….. sheeesh

  13. This was an extra good episode, makes me happy about my recent 90's SU 2000 duo pickup:)

  14. Damn the level of immersion of these games is off the charts … 15 year old me would say holy sh-tballs Batman 😂

  15. 4 hours turns into 8 minutes of footage? I feel like you're holding out on us.

  16. man I love seeing these amusement show videos with all the latest and upcoming arcade games and experiences! hopefully the mrs. and I can get out to the arcade here soon hopefully find some of these. Like the cruisn' style fast and the furious I heard about it sounds like a really fun one, we both loved the home port of cruisn' blast so it'd be cool to see the next generation of that one! also really cool to see all the latest in VR/AR-related stuff I admit I haven't used a headset like that since Dactyl Nightmare (and there was a sequel I forget the name of that was probably the last VR anything I ever touched, haha.) again some really cool stuff here some really great coverage, man!!

  17. It was great meeting you at the expo Ralph (finally). I had totally missed the vrCAVE, although there is something just like it that was also there called QBIX. Those tri-screen gaming rooms are certainly gaining traction…

  18. I've been saying it for the past couple years…..Ralph needs to have his own show on a network. Great work brother!!

  19. Some cool looking stuff. I went to an Andretti Arcade in Orlando and they had ghostbusters. The only issue for me was price (you have to buy a card for $25 and it’s like two games). Plus no classics? Did I hear you say you have another pinball machine coming? Can I live in your basement? I’ll only come out at night to play pinball!

  20. Man I want that Fast Furious Arcade game. Bet it costs a pretty penny.

  21. That Halo fireteam is how the original arcade should been. The Mounted gun didn't make sense to me sense 80% of the game, your "character" is on foot with an assault rifle

  22. Oooooh I really want to try that sniper game!

  23. Another excellent video Ralph!! Love the great camera work plus the new games are ultra cool!!

  24. Almost certain at 3:29 Roger Sharpe appears next to Ralph and starts playing pinball. He’s the man that saved the game! Highly recommend checking out the new movie if you’re a fan of pinball and/or quality bio pics.

  25. Nice video Ralph. I've talked to arcade owners and technicians. They say "full motion" arcade machines (like the "Fast and Furious" games and Hologate Blitz games in your video) are very expensive, and huge maintainance headaches.

    The motion systems in the arcade machines are prone to breaking down a lot in a busy arcade, and can be expensive to maintain.

    Another YouTube channel talked about the Hologate Blitz arcade machine (the VR game where you Drive the Ecto 1) actually breaking down repeatedly on the expo floor when he saw it.

    He said if it's breaking down when it's brand new, then how would it stand up to an abusive arcade environment? Food for thought. It might be why Hologate didn't bring it to the expo in your video.

    Don't get me wrong. Full motion arcade games are awesome. I ride them when I can. I just wanted to share the thoughts of some arcade business owners I've talked to.

    Keep up the good work Ralph!

  26. Ralph are you going to do a review of the new Tetris, and Pinball movies that just came out? Seems right up your alley.

  27. This makes me so excited for the future of arcades!

  28. Doesn't Midway make arcade machines anymore. They were the king of the arcades in the 90s and early 2000.

  29. Ever hear of a game called Killer Queen? Dunno how new it is but for the life of me can't figure out how to play it. Reminds me of a Nintendo duo cab.

  30. It’s weird to see games like Asphalt 9, MotoGP, and Halo as actual arcade machines. We live in a wild timeline.

  31. Amazing Video Ralph! Again always cool to see you having fun with these new arcades. Again most this stuff I experienced in tokyo back in 2018. Still cool to see the Local USA getting in on the new stuff. But I am kinda curious if I went back to Japan. To see what else they have done now. I can only imagine what they have now in terms of amusement rides. Again love to have a Galaxy Force 2 or Galaxian 3. Just sucks these machines even for me are Lost in Limbo or now some collector have them locked away. Again just very happy to have what I have at this moment in time. Still on the look out for the Rare Games! or Unique ones. The more unique the better I say! 🙂

  32. 4 hours is not nearly enough time, that expo looked amazing! could spend days there lol

  33. Wow! Ghostbusters VR Academy looks really next level cool:-)

  34. I will never put my face in a public vr headset! That's just nasty. I love vr but cmon….you all get jagged up but happy to put your face in that germ pit? You gross folks

  35. If Raw Thrills made an affordable non subscription based home system, they'd make more bank. Forced online requirements suck.

  36. With the high prices of next gen consoles, arcades should make a comeback.

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