New Arcade Game Uses Real Airsoft BB Guns - IGN Now -

New Arcade Game Uses Real Airsoft BB Guns – IGN Now

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Space Invaders developer Taito has a new arcade game where you shoot real Airsoft pellets at the screen. No one’s going to misuse that at all.


  1. Cool but I wouldn't say new, new to the usa sure. S. Korea has plenty of these types of stuff and their awesome

  2. Probably not going to be in the US because we're irresponsible and can't have anything nice

  3. Ign really hiring those new reviewed cough cough sarcasm cough

  4. Hey I brought my own controller 😀 arcade shooting on the news the same day

  5. Probably will be supervised when this game is played

  6. Pretty funny, will be a hit in the U.S no doubt.

  7. I didn’t know they were talking about Modern Warfare…..

  8. Don’t know how its gonna operate mid game when the machine is out of pellets

  9. I'm willing to bet these will be utilizing short throw video projectors to display the visuals.

  10. Gotta keep in mind that the fps on these guns is probably going to be hilariously small, they dont need as much pressure for the gun to fly a few feet accurately vs however far you're shooting on a field. Heck, the pellets probably won't be too heavy either.

    I really dont see this as being too big of a deal, it's a well intentioned idea at making a shooting game feel better to play having to resort to the cheap electric kickback you get with most games these days.

  11. I'm gonna have fun walking in front of the screen to see how safe it is

  12. Yeah because that’s totally what America needs right now after another mass shooting

  13. Imagine if they make a joystick like this for PS5

  14. 오메 ㅅㅂ 한국 여자들인줄.. 진짜 일본 여자들이 한국 메이크업 트렌드 영향을 많이 받는구나

  15. it's not like it's gonna have safety glasses for everyone in the arcade lol….
    hopefully the screen is slightly deformable, so it takes the impact of the bullet and stops it from bouncing

  16. What did he use so much sarcasm when this is a really cool thing, maybe its just me but this seems super exciting.

  17. Don’t stick your face in front of the guns and you’ll be fine…

  18. I….
    btw can I use this to play old arcade games? That would be cool

  19. Why is the chick pretending there’s recoil not only is it an air soft gun BUT SHE DOES IT BEDORE FIRING!

  20. What real air softgun, are u Will try to shoot peoples around you to, LOL

  21. acetech tracer unit. black leapord eye, this game cost alot to make… HPA SYSTEM.

  22. why we just go to the local airsoft field, instead doing this

  23. Pinball pete's in Ann Arbor Michigan had a similar game to this in the 90s.

  24. Omg did u see that? This game, it can get u a girlfiend lol. XD

  25. This kinda Reminds me of go go ball on where you throw a Plastic ball at a wide screen.

  26. The World Was Waiting For You To Be Born says:

    They forgot to tell you that the NPC also shoots real pellets at you!!!

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