NEW Apple Arcade games! -

NEW Apple Arcade games!

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  1. I have heard that you get a 3 months free sub if you buy a new i phone

    Well i am thinking of getting i phone 13 when it comes out but i have no close apple stores and apples website doesnt support my country so if i ordered it from an app like amazon ir any other app will i still get it

    ( i know that i have to join a link to get it )

  2. Wait Justine is 5'3", did I hear that right? She looks taller than that, but I guess the camera hides so much.

  3. Song pop party used to be free for appletv. Glad it is still installed on mine.

  4. does any one else hear the hissing mic

  5. If they enable support for keyboard and mouse on arcade games on iPad, I’ll definately subscribe. I could only find one game where the keyboard is used and it is only spacebar.

  6. Is it just my macbook or your audio has some weird buzzing sound?

  7. I love Apple Arcade! The game developers that Apple has hired r so talented! ❤️

  8. Is apple arcade for family across the world? Cuz i bought it but my family members can’t connect to it someone help please.

  9. You're 5'3. I would have guessed you were 5'6 to 5'9. 5'3 is good though. That was my mom's height. She always told me that her grandma, who was even shorter than that, would say that "good things come in small packages."

  10. The Last Campfire is my favorite. I recently just beat it and I’m sad that it is over.

  11. I'll one up you Justine – I grew up playing Oregon Trail in middle School WHILE LIVING IN OREGON and seeing the Oregon trail in real life on a school field trip to Fort Clatsop 🙌🏽🤓

  12. Where you get time to do all this kind of things,thank you for a totally free like,bye

  13. Please send me 500 doller to buy go pro 😭😭

  14. I love Apple Arcade. I play it, my younger nieces and nephews love to play too. The recent release of Farm It has been a huge hit for the 4-5 year old. I’d like to request Apple to add a few toddler games. Color, matching, animals, sounds etc.

  15. Qual camera você usa em seus vídeos ? é perfeita * —- *

  16. Hi Justine, I think your audio ‘expander/gate’ setting need to be adjusted. It was cutting, out a little too much of the low low level audio…

  17. G. Dark fantasy ARPG – She Will Punish Them

  18. Reigns and Reigns : Beyond are the best games on Apple Arcade hands down

  19. I like Oceanhorn. And Ballistic Baseball.

  20. I play Apple Arcade with MFI Controller 👍🏽

  21. If Apple wanted to jump into the gaming business, they should have invested in hardware and software that could compete with Microsoft and Sony. Seriously, apple just wants games for children and it is not cool at all.

  22. Shout out to SurvivalZ, check it out Justine!

  23. Apple headquarters is epic. My little Chrome doesn't play anything. Nothing works.

  24. tryin thesd bunch of games since i got 3months free hahaha

  25. Been addicted to Oregon Trail. The mini games are fun. They added a lot of variety to the game.

  26. Apple bringing back my feels. So many memories of playing Oregon Trail on the first iMac.

  27. Why cant normal games be like this and not just running 3D stickman crap?

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