New 2022 Game "Galacticon" We need more games like this! -

New 2022 Game “Galacticon” We need more games like this!

Mike Matei
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This stream I tried out Galacticon. A new game from 2022! Galacticon is modeled after a classic Williams Arcade game. It has shades of Defender, Joust, Asteroids, as well as references to Galaga, Space Invaders and other classic arcade games.

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  1. Shit this game is awesome, i hope like hell they continue to make more games in this style, buying the shit out of this game, thanks for the heads up Mike.

  2. Hell yeah, Daria is awesome. I watched the new episodes starting around middle of season 1 airing.

  3. yeah there's no robotron on atari 2600, too much shit going on on the screen for the poor thing to keep up i guess, but there is a really good port for atari home computer, it even got the dual-stick option

  4. Milex the Cat, you need a little bottomless briefcase mike to match your sleeping habits 🤣👍

  5. Simpsons… watch until season 10. There is some rare good stuff up to season 14. Then it Is just a waste of time.

  6. Mike Awesome game your stream. Keep up the hard work man

  7. Mike, thank you for bringing this to my attention. This is EXACTLY the kind of game I was looking for. It has a little bit of Cosmic Ark going on doesn't it? I always loved the IDEA behind that 2600 game, but it gets so hard so fast you can't really go back to it very often. This is like Defender + Cosmic Ark. Unrelated, have you ever emulated the 1979 arcade game Cosmic Guerilla? It's a fixed shooter, and it's the most stressful, aggravating game you'll ever play. It's absolutely phenomenal, if you like Space Invaders / Galaxian style fixed shooters. The ROM can be found pretty easily, but it only runs on certain versions of MAME, so getting it to run without crashing is a crapshoot, but if you can, trying to beat your own high scores is hilarious, cause the game does a dozen different things just to stick it to you. It's one of my favorites.

  8. This isn’t the kind of game I played much at all as a kid. But your stream sold me on it. Bought it and tried it out for a bit. Pretty fun game. And they nailed the retro nostalgia with the graphics and the sound.

  9. Pocky&Rocky just dropped on the switch. It’s great it looks great but man it’s hard lol

  10. Hey Mike, have you ever played Killer Queen Black? It has the same retro style as this.

  11. That little icon is a powerup in 1943. This game looks awesome, would love to see a 2600 port of it.

  12. I know you played the adventure/Metroidvania game Odallus years ago with Ryan, but if you haven't, you must play Oniken, it's sister platformer. It is truly an 8-bit game, no fancy colors, effects or extra animations, it actually looks and plays like an NES game.
    But more than that is the quality, it's just a really good game, such solid mechanics, hit detection, difficulty, and it has a really good last level. One of my favorite surprises for a final stage for sure. I searched to see if you played it and don't seem to see a video unless you played it on your own, I think you'd really enjoy a playthrough.

  13. This reminds me of Jetpac! I love that game. I still play Jetpac Refuelled on my 360.

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