New 2022 Game "Galacticon" We need more games like this! -

New 2022 Game “Galacticon” We need more games like this!

Mike Matei
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This stream I tried out Galacticon. A new game from 2022! Galacticon is modeled after a classic Williams Arcade game. It has shades of Defender, Joust, Asteroids, as well as references to Galaga, Space Invaders and other classic arcade games.

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  1. Need a bit of an epilespy warning for this one mike, seizuring real bad rightttt boujtx,c nnow

  2. One other game I'd like you to try is called Mechstermination Force. It's a blend of Contra and Shadow of the Colossus.

  3. Loved the Stream Mike. When I watch this at night as I’m going to bed I wake up and see I accidentally disliked it. when I’m unconscious I’m a real asshole. I liked it now 👍

  4. Mike are you planning on trying out the new ghosts’n goblins game? Or have you already? Would love to see that on stream

  5. Look like iron man daft punk these old style games can always work on designs

  6. A game with Tower of druaga, dragon buster, and rastan influence. We need that one.

  7. Fantastic find "Just put it in, fuck it" Mike Matei. Would love to see you stream more of this game. Bought it myself, and am loving it! Wouldn't have found it without your stream.

    Started watching you through your streaming of Castlevania III (while also trying to beat it myself). Still haven't beaten it, but gosh dang it I'll be darned if I stop trying.

  8. At first I read "Galactation" an thought to myself "do you have to milk some space cows there or what"

  9. If you get fucked by an alien, you want it to be E.T. He’d stick that warm, light bulb finger right up your ass.

  10. the colors of this game are fantastic. the weapon laser/shots remind me of those scratch art pads that are black and you scratch off to reveal the rainbow colors

  11. Lamasoft did games like this. This reminded me of his style. Remember Goat Up?

  12. Lamasoft did games like this. This reminded me of his style. Remember Goat Up?

  13. Retro modern has been great and surprisingly good for the most part with developers going through independent labels and keeping old school games alive

  14. Retro modern has been great and surprisingly good for the most part with developers going through independent labels and keeping old school games alive

  15. You're pretty good to play a game like this and casually talk with the chat

  16. It looks like a cross between space invaders, asteroids, and centipedes.

  17. 2:35:08 lololol
    p.s. the pixel explosions when you shoot stuff is perfect. This is like if the Atari had it's own GPU,

  18. This game looks awesome, and I'd never heard of it before. I love discovering new retro-style indie games and rom hacks through this stream.

  19. Little twists on simple designs can make great changes.
    Downwell: a desending run & gun,
    Arkanoid vs Space Invaders: turnes adds offensive tactics to Arkanoid gameplay,
    Space Invaders Extreme: chain same kills to get power ups.
    Velocity/2X: Teleporting in a shmup/platformer.

    Thanks for highlighting this game Mike.

  20. Yeah this looks cool, robotron style stuff. edit just grabbed it on steam, those noises are too charming

  21. One of the best games of the year so far…I’m hoping they put it on iiRcade…just got Donut Dodo on there and it is also an amazing game and throwback to early arcades

  22. Play Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes already. For posterity's sake.

  23. Games were better back in the day. Wasn't all about graphics. You actually had to have skill.

  24. There is so much oversaturation of nostalgia in movies and TV, we need it in games as well! haha. This was a great-looking game.

  25. Just got done jackin. Time to take a different kind of load off 😎

  26. This looks like a modern version of something one might have played on an 80s console, and those were good games. We do need more like this.

  27. Seeing this game is like a dream come true. I really hope they make more like this. The Williams Arcade stuff is my favorite besides the NES. This game is REALLY well done. Really great choice on this one, loved the stream, keep it coming.

  28. I like how you don't really die early on in this game unlike other arcade games. You get to have fun for a while before you die and this is my type of arcade game.

  29. This looks addicting as hell, like the type of game where days of my life would go missing from trying to top my own high score.

  30. Mike, I think you might like Biota on steam. It's 4 color pallette style

  31. Just downloaded this game thanks to you! Haven't played it yet. At work now. Can't wait to go home and play this.

  32. Just picked this up for 3 bucks on sale. Absolute steal.

  33. Donut Dodo and Annalynn scratch the same early 80s arcade itch.

  34. I really like the thumbnail. In the future, you should have a "Mike Matei Seal of Approval" on the thumbnail of any new game you play that you approve of.

  35. When you said Robotron, it got me wanting to see you play Robotron 64 lol…

  36. Just picked it up for $3 on the Switch. It's a lot of fun 😊😊😊

  37. That star icon is specifically used in capcom arcade games. I’ve been playing Capcom Arcade Stadium and that icon is in almost all the games. Don’t know if you figure this out later but you get a lot more points if you unload multiple guys of same species into the jail at one time. It’s even on the start up/demo screen.

  38. Yo great vid this game looks cool, looks like it was created on XNA like a lot of the indie games. So I think you might like Killer Queen if you haven’t played it. The graphics are more updated than this but there’s a definite Joust vibe to it.

  39. Enjoyed the stream. And bought a copy of the game too. Thanks Mike!

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