Namco's Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade Game! Artwork overview, cool game! -

Namco’s Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade Game! Artwork overview, cool game!

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We got in this cool Tekken Tag arcade game from the late 90’s, this thing made a FORTUNE back in the day! See all our games for sale at !


  1. Do you still have Tekken tag machine for sell and willing to ship it to me?

  2. There was a big indoor theme park called Funscape back in the day in Delaware that had about no lie 10-12 Tekken tag tournament cabinets lined up in part of the 2nd floor arcade area. There was pretty much always peopled lined up playing the same characters, it probably generated so much income and yet they still closed the arcade and theme park down, I think there was also some drug dealing and gang activity around the Tekken tag machines, the crowd wasn't the nicest haha

  3. I used to play this years ago and I still love it !!! Good memories !!!

  4. Glad you got all the characters. When my cousin first got his, he had to wait 13 weeks worth of hours in order to get the characters unlocked. The locked characters were Kunimitsu, Bruce, Jack2, Lee, Wang, Roger, Kazuya, Kuma/Panda, Ogre, True Ogre, P.Jack, Tetsujin/Mokujin, and Devil/Angel. They were released each week in that order.

  5. I have this and Tekken 5 on Playstation 2. Same with Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 on the Playstation 1. I still have to get the first one and Tekken 4.

  6. I used to play this game alot i love tekken my fav video game

  7. Thanks for making these videos. Really interesting to see this after playing the PS2 version. This seems like something half way between that and the earlier Tekken 3. Good stuff.

  8. Lee Looks like Future Trunks from DBZ. XD

  9. Damn if I had the space I would love to buy this 😫😫😫 my favorite arcade game of all time

  10. I’ve recently seen a Tekken Tag Tournament arcade in an bowling area in Milwaukee. I forgot the name of the place, but if it’s still there, check it out.

  11. Im sure this is the first time for you knowing these characters

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