Namco's Cyber Sled Arcade Machine from 1993 - One of a kind Coin Operated cabinet, so fun! -

Namco’s Cyber Sled Arcade Machine from 1993 – One of a kind Coin Operated cabinet, so fun!

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This is Namco’s super cool Cyber Sled arcade game. Huge cabinet, but we got it working and playing well. Really fun game! See all our games available at !

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  1. I know it’s the limitations of the time but I adore arcade games with this flat shaded low poly art style, they’re so bright and colourful and bursting with charm

  2. I remember the first (and only) time seeing this game in the arcade. It seems the bigger cabinets didn't last that long as they took up valuable space. Took me years to track it down but finally did get the PS1 copy

  3. I remember it having a much more elaborate cabnet

  4. I had a line out the door…kicking ass with Hans…slowest…as a teen girl!!! 😂😂😂😂

  5. That's Cyber Sled but it's not at the same time.The game I know was all black. Had a shrouded cabinet and the sticks were in the armrests of your pilot chair not in front of you.

  6. I'm actually glad I got this on MAME running very well.Also, the guy you saw on the side of the cabinet is Madison Hawk, the pilot of the first tank (when you enter Training Practice or select him in VS Computer Combat).I've actually beaten this game, too!

  7. aw if you get the chance to find a real namco arcade gem that ive been searching for 15 years now its called GUNMEN WARS 1998 namco system 23 super.! its so rare it really deserves a review longplay of it 🙂

  8. namco system 21 "polygonizer" pcb board

  9. Have this game on PS1, one of my favorite video games!


  11. i have the playstation version of this which is very hard to find these days

  12. Pretty good rare arcade game. I think I was one of the lucky ones to play this obscure game back when 3D games were starting to be a thing.

    The controls take a lot of practice for me to get used to, though.

  13. This game use to be at Cal State Fullerton back in the day. I was obsessed by it. THX for sharing.

  14. love this game as a kid. was the only person at summer camp who could beat the final boss

  15. Great vid. I've just picked one of these machines up – a bit dirty but seems complete. It has the red beacon lights you mentioned – neither of which were working. I opened them up and it has just a mirror coated bulb inside – not spinning. I replaced the globes but they just come on constantly so a bit more work to track down why. As you say, I'd expect them to only come on when you're hit so it might be a relay problem.

    Quick question…what do you use to clean up the console plastic? Do you use a Novus polish to get it to shine like that ?

  16. If i'm going to pick up a game that take up that much space it has to be ether Cybersled or Virtual On. I'm in the middle of a prototyping something similar that at the moment is designed for a more standard joystick and 3/6 button layout. Still in the early stages of dev so things are likely to change. Just recently ordered the PS1 game and a stack of similar games for research. Poor console library is going to be getting a work out for a while.

  17. Walt Disney World use to have these things all over their resort – I remember playing it a lot in the 90s at several locations in WDW. Haven't seen one in over 15 years now – would love to get one at some point!

  18. I was a natural at this game. Funnest arcade game I have ever played. Wish it was still around to play. I miss it.

  19. I just picked this arcade yesterday…for free!!! I know right?! Free! It's really dirty but it functions well for the condition. It's mostly intact. I need to fix the wood right under the metal plate where your feet go. Also, the joysticks have a constant drift. To adjust those, is it the blue potentiometers on the board connected to the joysticks? And the tubes look pretty dim. I did test it in my garage, so maybe it was the light but the red side looked brighter than the blue. Is there a way to adjust that also? And one more question, is it possible and probable to swap the CRT's for some LCD flat panels? How hard would that be? I knew to the arcade building stuff. But I'm a project guy, and I'm very good with my hands. I'll post a vid of my unit here soon.

  20. Wow I used to play this when my mall had an arcade called Pocket Change in the 90's.

  21. I loved this game, I played this a lot when I worked at an arcade called Aladdin's Castle

  22. Oh man I loved this game!!! None of our local arcades have it : (

  23. I just bought one of these also. It seems to work but need to go over it, cleaning and adjusting whats needed. Mine has the red beacons. Looks like a rare and fun game for my arcade! Thanks for the video.

  24. Loved this game in head-to-head. Remember how noisy a good old arcade could get? I remember one time getting so crazy playing this game the arcade attendant came over to tell us to keep it down… good times.

  25. I played this with my Dad at the arcade back in the day. This arcade cabinet was amazing and the controls were perfect. You’re lucky to have this!

  26. Thanks for posting this, fun video, fun game. I play it on my PS3, looks pretty awful but still fun and challenging.

  27. Oh man, its good to see this game again. Used to be in the Local Chucky Cheese's. I sucked at it, but I loved it. Wish I could play it again.

  28. This game was the bomb. An arcade worth a shit in Florida called Boomers had one as late as 1998. Haven't seen it in person, since.

  29. Fuxyeah!!! They had this at the local chuck e cheese. Awesome

  30. Damn! That's quite a step up from Winning Run! Did they upgrade the 68000s to 68020s or something?

  31. I remember when Hannibal (2001) came out because I was playing Cyber Sled at the tiny arcade the movie theater had and as I walked out I saw the poster for the movie. Think I was the only one that played Cyber Sled because by 2001 it was an old game with dated graphics. I still loved it.

  32. 2:45 like piloted a mecha or a mobile suit… Kinda like Virtual On!

  33. I absolutely adored this game when I was little… That and StarBlade..
    Large, sit-down Namco games were really something else back then.

  34. This game looks like "Combat" for the Atari 2600, if it was one of those early Virtual Reality games from the late 80s/early 90s, like "Dactyl Nightmare", don't you think?

  35. Just here to show my support for your channel and this awesome game!!

  36. I have one of these in my garage. Bought it for 75 bucks "broken", but it just needed a second power supply. It's been working ever since. I've been fixing arcade games for over 25 years, so I had easy access to materials. Love this game. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Wow, memories….. I was working for Namco when that came out. I remember it came in three big boxes. The screens and then two chairs. It took us no time at all to put that thing together.

  38. If only Namco Xbox or Playstation would remake this game it would be a modern classic again

  39. I used to love this game in the arcades back in the day.

  40. Hi any clones of this with different name on those chinese games consoles? i cant see cybersled in the games listing.

  41. Best arcade game ever. Played during lunch hour every day and got pretty good. I miss those days.

  42. I know I'm 7 years late saying this, but Cyber Commando (1994) is the sequel to this! it was never ported to any console tho. luckily got to play it last time I was in Japan. real fun

  43. I remember playing a game very, very much like this when was a kid, and I think I tried it. The control scheme is exactly how I remembered it, but I'm not 100% sure this is the one I remember.

    I say that because, the way I remember this game, the guns jammed if you fired them for too long—"overheat" is not what I remember!

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