My Ultimate MUST HAVE Arcade Games for 2022! -

My Ultimate MUST HAVE Arcade Games for 2022!

Retro Ralph
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In this episode, I do a rundown of my ultimate Arcade Game pickups wish list for 2022! We will be on location at Ready Player 1 Games in Glendale, AZ (location information below).

Ready player 1 games is a retro arcade cafe bar with a 80s & 90s vibe , 35 modern pinballs available, and tons of classic arcades games we also have high-end statues and board games. We buy, sell or trade pinballs, arcades, board games, and collectibles.

Ready Player 1 Games Facebook Page:

Ready Player 1 Games Location Information:
5180 W Peoria Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302


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  1. Ralph, I think you should get a cool vector game, like a Battlezone or Red Baron, both were great games back then. For me I'm working on a 4 player emulated cabinet I don't have the room for multiple machines, would be nice tho.

  2. One of my clients has a t2 pinball they got it for 500 at an estate sale.

  3. Great pics! Wouldn't it be sweet to have the After Burner and have the Space Harrier in the same cab?!! I Really, I think having a cab per genre/type is most feasible as a homeowner and having them as mulilticades as far as space is concerned.

  4. I know you are over the a1up scene, but just got nba jam countercade I the mail today. So pumped and love it. Space is an issue, so I enjoy the smaller ones. You have gotten some really cool games and have your sights on some more great ones. Good luck on the hunt homie

  5. Ralph great want list. I have 2 original Robo cabs I'm going to restore to original from their conversions.
    Better have room for the XMen (even 4 player) and TMNT!
    Also plan on getting more pins after you get Terminator. Be ready for what they call the pinball disease as you get hooked on that! Lol

  6. I have an X-Men but plan on picking up a TMNT to add to my Konami row. I already have a big blue, but I’d love to get a dedicated Punisher in black.

  7. Total carnage is one on my list with killer instinct as I loved that game along with being an mk fan. I’m also waiting for the rush pinball reveal from stern . Since they announced it as a rush fan I’m like a kid in the arcade waiting for my turn on the newest game I’ve been waiting to play.

  8. I would absolutely LOVE the T2 pinball machine, also love seeing any place that has some nice cabinets out for people to enjoy! Great video keep up the good work!

  9. A super rewarding part of the Arcade hobby is finding that special game. Even more exciting is finding it when you did not know you were looking for it. There has been two times when a storage unit door opened and my "next machine" was sitting there looking at me. That OMG moment is a real adrenaline dump! Sometimes the game finds you! Good luck with your hunt Ralph!

  10. Just picked up a Punchout, enjoying bringing it back, 3 years in the making!

  11. Man only in Phoenix.

    Damn it.

    If it was in Tucson. No prob.

    We had two good spots for pinball and arcade experience.

    D&D pinball but thanks to covid got shut down.

    And Cobra barcade which is also a pretty cool place.

    they have a good selection of pinball machine small but impressive.
    When I was there and a very impressive arcade games.

  12. That's funny I just got done listening to an episode of PODOUKIN where they did a in-depth history on punisher arcade game. and last episode was on Captain America and The avengers.

    Pretty interesting stuff.

  13. I understand the viewpoint on racing cabinets. I was once fortunate enough to have a Super GT twin “not the large screens” but, I had to place them in the garage. The neighborhood kids loved it but, it also meant I could never use the garage for parking. 😂

  14. Hey Ralph,

    Looks like my first post got deleted…probably for a link to a screenshot I included to a cabinet. Anyway, I would really like to checkout that arcade up there. Neat!!

    If I were to search for 2 cabs in 2022 that I thought were unique:

    1) Thunder Blade (sit down). You'll have to look it up because I can't link to a picture.
    2) Xybots: It's not a sit down cab, but wow was it unique

    You mentioned TMNT and X-men, those cabs were incredible! Totally loved those!!

    This made me think of a video from CT Jason, don't think it's fear of missing out, it's not, it's addiction….and we're all addicts here!! lol

  15. I need a Sega starwars trilogy machine Ralph! …and I dont see a DDR in your collection.

  16. If I had any room at all, My no.1 game would be super hang on 😁

  17. If I told you what rare games I am looking for someone would totally go for them. Cause they are Rare 😉 but would totally tell you in private Ralph. Have a good New Years!

  18. I have a big blue it great condition just sitting at home.

  19. Happy new year Ralph. Definitely will check out that arcade – looks cool. Also – great choices … apart from robotron which always frustrated the hell out of me 🤦‍♂️

  20. In a drawer I have 20 tokens from my favorite arcade that finally closed its doors in 99. I made sure to get them the last day they were open. Wish I lived near this place, super awesome. T2 pinball IMO is a holy grail.

  21. Time pilot, TMNT, marvel vs Capcom, golden tee 2k, cruisin world ❤️

  22. Been in the hobby for years and years – I lean more towards Pins these days and have been selling off some arcades to make room. I LITERALLY found this channel YESTERDAY – thanks to recommendations from my nest hub in my kitchen! Now I have subscribed, joined and rung the bell. I am going through all your amazing content!

  23. Happy New Year, Ralph. Make sure you own 2022 🥳👊

  24. I know it's bigger, but you should go for the 6P X-men because of the dual screen.

  25. That original tmnt is my all time favorite. The nostalgia I have with that cabinet is through the roof

  26. Looks like an amazing arcade and will definitely check it out if I'm ever in the area.. Pinball Machines are getting higher and higher ..Pinflation is real.. But I have Ghostbusters Pro Pinball on my list for the year.. its brutal but thats what makes it a great home game

  27. The great thing about driving games is they usually go for cheap because they're such a pain to move. Get you a sit-down Daytona and put it in your garage.

  28. Happy I discovered your channel in 2021! Happy 2022!

  29. Great vid!
    P.S. The unico video was hi-larious!

  30. I bet Punisher swag is going up in price with the new logo coming out.

  31. Some great choices, looking forward to seeing what you can find.

  32. i'm waiting for a arcade 1up Mario Bros with Donkey Kong, Crazy kong, and a MSX neo geo with the correct 4 button's

  33. Robotron for me is THE best arcade game of all time, non stop action, Eugene Jarvis greatness. I'm wanting to buy an original cabinet and my other equally best arcade game of all time "Arkanoid, Revenge Of Doh" (Best Arkanoid game for me)

  34. Charging a quarter per play? How is that place stay in business?

  35. Might I suggest building a multi 4-player Konami cabinet? Could do custom graphics for it with themes from all the different beat 'em ups.

  36. Must be nice………….most of us couldnt afford something like these arcades….Enjoy.

  37. How do you feel about stuff like Arcade1up? Would that be enouigh quality for you? New to your channel.

  38. I am with ya on T2 pinball. Such and awesome game!!

  39. I only have one arcade it's a neo geo 2 slot but man I've been wanting a big blue for such a long time. my dream arcade to have would be the f zero arcade

  40. I don't understand why retro gamers are so addicted to the actual and original cabs and or PCB's, those are all "dated technology" and was presented at a time where public amusement was very necessary – fun fact the first actual eproms we dumped to PC in 1992 as a test to save data information for "technical reason" because some the electrical engineers and devs of this arcade era knew that wanted to move toward a more portable arcade gaming albeit authentic experience, was this was on the low low back then. and when Mame unofficially came out in 2004 – 2006 and starting gaining traction, it eventually snowballed into all these portable versions of arcade gaming merchandise like 1up Arcades, mini- console classics etc etc. What i find really weird is that nobody really seems to talk about this openly on any social platform. #theMOREyouknow

  41. I would love a full size “Robocop” arcade game! That is my ultimate holly grail for me anyway!

  42. I would love a Daytona or Virtual Racing standup. Working on getting a Sunset Riders.

  43. Were in Tucson right now we were gonna go to cobra arcade but they were closed not sure what time were leaving on sun but might check this place out if there open early enough thanks Ralph and happy new years

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