My Ultimate MUST HAVE Arcade Games for 2022! -

My Ultimate MUST HAVE Arcade Games for 2022!

Retro Ralph
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In this episode, I do a rundown of my ultimate Arcade Game pickups wish list for 2022! We will be on location at Ready Player 1 Games in Glendale, AZ (location information below).

Ready player 1 games is a retro arcade cafe bar with a 80s & 90s vibe , 35 modern pinballs available, and tons of classic arcades games we also have high-end statues and board games. We buy, sell or trade pinballs, arcades, board games, and collectibles.

Ready Player 1 Games Facebook Page:

Ready Player 1 Games Location Information:
5180 W Peoria Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302


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  1. Are you open sunday? I live in glendale…. I actually baught a retro in good condition simpsons arcade for 900, and Toobin for 600

  2. HA I had 2 ROBIOTRONS! lol Well i still have 1 lol Your wife is gonna KILL you and You gonna have to sell a SHIT ton of games to have that stuff in your house lol ..Syracuse? I live 45 min from there ALSO there are a shit ton of TMNT cabs evt around here for sale, HUGE Pin fest in Allentown P.A every year

  3. =My fighting games library for YT=
    Captain America & the Avengers
    Captain Commando

    The Punisher
    Capcom Fighting Jam
    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
    Kaiser Knuckle
    All Final Fight series (canon games)
    Slam Masters 2

    All MvC series

    Hyper Street Fighter II
    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
    All Streets of Rage series
    All AoF series
    All KoF series (canon games)
    All Samurai Shodown series (canon games)
    All Fatal Fury series (canon games)

    Savage Reign series

    The Last Blade series
    Aggressors of Dark Kombat
    All World Heroes series
    Fighter's History Dynamite (Saturn version)
    Rival Schools series
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
    Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO

    Ultra Street Fighter IV
    Street Fighter V

  4. Where are u located ,I have a dedicated tmnt ,and would do a trade if u have a game I want 👌

  5. If that camera gets any closer to your face, we'll be staring at your tonsils

  6. 💥💥♥️♥️ HANDS 🙌 DOWN BEST ARCADE EVER MADE MOST FUN IS – STAR WARS TRILOGY BRO! I’ve been saving up for one ☝️

  7. endlessly replayable classic arcade games IMO- Robotron, Centipede, Missle Command, Galaga, Frogger, Warlords, Hyper Games, Off Road, Paperboy. All great fun games that anyone can pick up and understand in 1 credit yet with a nearly endless skill ceiling.

    Daytona USA is still great fun at first but really comes into own when you understand that the manual transmission is a must as the gear your car is in directly correlates to the angle of drift of your car and when utilized correctly allows you to take corners and much greater speed.

  8. Anyone ever seen a wacky races arcade? I believe that its one of the hardest arcades to find anywhere I have yet to see one except on YouTube from many years ago.

  9. Who cares if its stand up, I own Cruisn World stand up and it's perfect and gets the job done, go get it RR!

  10. Hopefully there will be a resurgent of new Arcade machines like the pinball machine has had

  11. I picked up a turtles complete kit for 1000 bucks and I have a big blue.

  12. Hey I hear you about racing cabs, even storing home versions of such peripherals can be hard to fit in homes. I like racing games but I don't quite love them heh.

  13. Man, this place screams my childhood back in the 80’s and 90’s 💯👈🤩👍✨

  14. My favorite was always Karate Champ. I would buy that if given the chance and had the money

  15. Ataxx, T2 pinball, 1942, original Shinobi, Altered Beast

  16. Scroll to 6:41. January 15th, 2022 is the big Anime, Cosplay 450 person Pinball tournament blow out at Ready 1 Player games in Glendale AZ. Fun starts at 1:30pm and Pinball tournament starts at 2pm. >>> Hint: Back To The Future cast member will be onsite. Don't miss out !

  17. Just did a nut and bolt restoration on a big blue. All top shelf parts. All the bezels and marquees are reverse printed Running a cps2 system with the dark soft mod. So it has the whole library. Needless to say after a couple months of work. I’m now not sleeping because I’m playing it late after work every night. Ha. Just don’t tell the wife how much I have in the damn thing. Lol

  18. Go get Fist of the North star hokotoshinken could be miss spelled. It has six punching bags, it's the most impressive machine out there. One game gives you a workout 💪. And of course MK2, the Arcade version was ahead of its time, the aspect ratio and graphics are way different than any other iteration!

  19. I'm not sure if you're looking for something like this, but I thought it was a decent deal. Even though it is in GA.

  20. He might have a line on a T2 for you as well.

  21. Original TMNT has high nostalgia value for me as well. I also really enjoyed Willow. I don't think anyone will ever take that license on though, in terms of a rerelease from say A1up or iircade, probably not popular enough. The game is really solid, just not a heavy hitter.

    Also looking at the comments, the community has really grown the past few years. I remember when it was still pretty small.

  22. Hey Glendale, AZ. I used to live out that way 6 years ago. I don't remember that arcade being there. I must have missed it. There was a bar-arcade in downtown Phoenix and a few shops around town where you could purchase retro console games, but that's all that I remember. I used to go that bar-arcade after work with a few of my work friends. The games were free as long as you bought drinks.

    You should think about picking up the 2 Capcom Dungeons & Dragons games, Crystal of Kings, Golden Axe, Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder, Knights of the Round, Magic Sword, and the 4 player Simpsons game. All of those are worthy pickups and would be great to play for social gatherings.

    Now I live back in IL, which is where I grew up. If you can, make your way out to Galloping Ghost arcade in IL at some point. You will not be disappointed. They literally have about 700 arcade games and maybe 100 pinball games. Lots of fun.

  23. Plus one on all the games Ralph mentioned. I’ll beat any price he offers.

  24. Would love to have the 1983 Star Wars cabinet, Karate Champ, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and N.B.A. Jam Tournament Edition. The Arcade 1ups are cool, but they're just not the real deal.

  25. Did they make a stand-up Daytona Racing? I've only ever seen the giant wall of sit downs.

  26. Nice list of pickups. X-men and Turtles are timeless classics. I'd love to have a MK2, maybe a UMK3 machine. Those would be awesome. Spent a lot of time in the arcades playing Mortal Kombat back in the day.

  27. Man I feel like I need to make a list of arcade games that are a must have for me like if I had the money I would drop it in a heart beat like metal slug all of them lol, alien vs predator, house of the dead. Pinball Star Wars data east, Godzilla, attack from mars, monster bash, medieval madness

  28. One thing I really really miss is the sound of the change machine (Rowe machines) and taking those quarters or tokens through the maze of arcade games. Finding those gems I came to play and dropping coins into the Coin slots and listening to the particular sounds of the coin falling through the mech and hitting the coin bin. That’s the first experience letting you know your now coined up and ready to play. Seems coins and coin vending in general is disappearing. It’s part of the magic and sad to see go for most places or sad to see gone completely due to many favorite arcades closing during the fall of arcades. However pinball in most barcades are still collecting quarters so there is some light still shinning.

  29. Robotron 2084 is on my gotta have list as well. One of the first cabinets I look for when I go to an arcade.
    Happy 40th to that damn legend.

  30. Hey Ralph. Do you know how to place a crt inside of a big blue street fight can?

  31. @Retro Ralph HAS BEEN BITTEN BY THE BUG !!!


  33. imagine if arcade1up can get medieval madness pinball! i also want them to make marvel vs. capcom 2. it would sell very well

  34. Seeing 6 player X-Men just never gets old. They had 3 of them at MAGFest this year which was interesting. They had 2 originals one in the game room and one in a museum room and then they had a custom podium version that actually looked pretty sweet.

  35. you gotta try and find a sega space harrier that’s a great game i got one in 2021 and now i’m getting repaired at a arcade place near me

  36. For me, the only thing that isn't a pipe dream that I still want is a Candy Cab, preferably with a vertical/horizontal changing monitor. Other than that, my holy grail game is a sitdown or even stand up Space Harrier, but that'll likely never happen.

  37. I have a first gen big blue , got for $600 3 years ago. It had tekken 2 in it 🙁 the tube was shorted green. I bought rejuvenator and tube great. I actually, don't laugh put a Pandora Box DX in it for a quick fix and has SFII Control panel overlay, marquee and bezel. It is well used every time when we gaming. I would of never ripped out the original pcb but I will add a Pandora box to a cab while working on other more needy projects. Search feature pulls up everyone's favs but I kept original control panel layout in tact so whatever is good with 8way and 6 button 2 player 🙂 gonna try a 4 player pandora in an empty blitz cabinet I have out back. If works putting turtles graphics on it

  38. some great wants.. I had a 4 player XMEN and sold it years ago. One of my regrets…

  39. That is so awesome must. Have arcade keep up the good work for me if I could even one arcade cabinet don’t care what it is I would be happy they’re just too expensive should I created my own out of a barrel Using a modded original Xbox

  40. The arcade machine i've wanted for my home is the Suzuka 8 Hours sitdown game. I don't know if you remember it at the arcade?

  41. Love the channel! Been binge watching. Question what did you do with your arcade 1up machines?

  42. The game in the arcade that I literally put thousands of dollars in quarters in was the six player X-Men game I found one for 6000$ out of my price range and if it breaks how much to find replacement parts. What I really want is a double screen with updated sound and graphics. With all six controllers spaced apart enough for a much bigger fan I'm not a tiny teen year old anymore.

  43. Another game they really need to do is the Aerosmith shooter game Revolution X


  45. You still looking for the teenage mutant turtles can?

  46. Nice list. What's the going price for T2 pinball and Robotron? I'm curious. 😁 I'm surprised your wife is ok with you having so many games. Will Robotron play on a Smash TV arcade??

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