MsMunchie tries the hammer arcade game #shorts -

MsMunchie tries the hammer arcade game #shorts

MsMunchie Shorts
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  1. That arcade game you just have to hit it light and whenever you start getting close use tiny bit more strength

  2. My and my boys yesterday won the jackpot three times lol

  3. i got the 1000 tickets jackpot 2nd try and couple tries later i got another jackpot 1000 tickets

  4. I never go there beacause i from another country

  5. Tip here is to just drop the hammer
    Better chance for winning the jackpot, I tried it myself

  6. Bro just smash the button don't pet him its not a kitty cat

  7. 🍫🫔😋🙂👍😂😳

  8. I love unicorns so much I love them so so much 123 says:

    You don’t need to like hit it as hard you just need to hold it from the side and then drop it

  9. The other day I got kicked out for keep winning that game

  10. I heard all you have to do is drop the hammer on the button, and let gravity do the rest. Never tried it tho

  11. To the men: ICE specifically said it was a game of skill, not strength.

  12. Guys am ur fan from Ethiopia, please please i want an i phone….. I really want….it

  13. If you ever lose on a hammer arcade game, just put the hammer at a 90' degree angle then drop it to win.

  14. One time my sister randomly hit it and got the highest score.

  15. If you hold it at a 90 degree angle then drop it it’s easy to win

  16. Wait…………… Is… It… Holtwood bowl?

  17. I'm also wondering why you don't press hard😢

  18. MW getting like 5000 points just by this game chase I get 1000 points 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  19. Ale walczy o swoje lepsze jutro bez robienia krzywdy innym ludziom melomani moją swoich idoli.😊

  20. One time I did this and I got the 1000 tickets

  21. А можно сильнее ударить?

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