Most Played Arcade Games 1978 - 2020 (by Earnings) -

Most Played Arcade Games 1978 – 2020 (by Earnings)

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Do you remember the first arcade game you played?
In this video we can see the visualization of the highest earning arcade games of all time since 1978. In other words, these are the most played arcade games from the beginning of arcade gaming until the beginning of 2020. The earnings have been adjusted for inflation in order to fairly compare the games. Very few of the newer arcade games made it to the list because most gamers now have home consoles, gaming computers and games on their phones. Arcade gaming is now more of a casual activity than a hobby.

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  1. In the year 3020 and I guarantee people are still playing these retro games.

  2. Mortal kombat and Street Fighter is my best arcade

  3. Your graph sucks! It doesn't consider timeline. So street fighter 2 and space invaders still sells in 2020 ???

  4. What the hell why there is no tekken game

  5. Pac-Man outsold Space Invaders in the early 80's. MK is way too low in comparison with SFII.

  6. Anyone else think it was funny watching Pole Position fall short of the pole position?

  7. Space Invaders has to be the most overrated Arcade game of all time. I honestly love Galaga series and Galaxian wayyyyy more then SI

  8. Space invaders is so boring though…and ms pacman is so much better then pacman,at least donkey kong up there

  9. This is not accurate. It may be a decent representation, but its not accurate. I would be very curious to know what information was used to make this video, as Arcade owners wernt reporting their earnings to some governing body. Te only info I could see this video using as a source is the number of Arcade cabinets sold from the manufacturer, but some companies kept their sales numbers close to the chest.

    I guarantee you that Phoenix didnt outsell Centipede.
    If you watch the chart Centipedes sales number suddenly stop rising around 1:30 into the video, while the numbers for every other game keep rising.

  10. Hard to believe the marvel vs series didn’t show up on this. They were some of the only games I’d see people pile around when I still went to arcades. Also interesting to see that when street fighter 2 came out space invaders started to jump up again. Never heard of the football game. Pretty awesome to see Pac-Man still making money.

  11. Where can you still play outrun? Loved that game.

  12. Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal says:

    Wrong. Where is daytona for instants?

  13. These top 12 games account for a total of approx$ which is about twice the number of transistors on an nvidia 3090ti and about the same number of transgene particles you have been injected if you took a jab from J&J or AZ.

    I believe Ms.Pacman should be way ahead of Pacman because it was a much better game.

  14. I remember as a kid i was playing Marvel vs Capcom arcade and wow the game was awesome and i was born in the year 2002.

  15. Can’t believe cruisin’ USA never made the list that’s basically how a lot of us 90’s kids learned to drive

  16. Bruh I thought a SNK's game would be on the list 🙁

  17. the first arcade is played is king of fighters

  18. Not sure this accurate, Tekken stated to have made around 10 million on arcade,and it's still going strong in countries like japan

  19. Looks like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Street Fighter 2 are top 3 billion dollar kings.

  20. We all knew pac man was gonna be on top since the start

  21. So the moral of this video is; whoever invented Pac-Man & Space Invaders… are geniuses

  22. SF2, killer instinct and MK3 ultimate in the mid 90s were hands down the most packed games. Marvel vs capcom was a big one later in the 90s..

    Anyone remember putting your quarter by the start button or screen base to call next game after whoever lost ? Good times

  23. I’m surprised DDR is so low. That game was showcased everywhere, always had a line and hardcore and casual gamers alike loved it.

  24. Не популярные популярные игры 🤔

  25. Over 40 years later and Pac-Man is still king. And Space Invaders is very impressive, I haven't seen one in public in one 20 years.

  26. This was a surprise! I've played every single game in the list, but mostly back in the 90s as a child. How nothing made since 2000 made it here is a shocker! Yes my favourite childhood game was Street Fighter 2, but that came to our arcades in the early 90s. I don't understand how it's still generating an income till today. I'm guessing without all the blood and gore, Mortal Kombat would be a bit higher on the list.

  27. What gameis Champion Football?? Can't find any info on it.

  28. How was space invaders number 1 for that long

  29. tetris? super mario? puzzle bobble? cadillac and dinosaurs? tekken???

  30. This list just shows with the exception of street fighter, arcades died a long time ago

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