Moon Patrol 1982 Irem Mame Retro Arcade Games -

Moon Patrol 1982 Irem Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Moon Patrol 1982 Irem. Full game.

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  1. I was completely addicted to this game when I was a kid in the 80s. It's great to read all of these comments and to think how the game was played at the same time in different parts of the world with the same enthusiasm, never thought of that back then when I played, spending lunch money, it, was never enough, and I was gooood 🙂

  2. fun fact: It's designer (Takashi Nishiyama) would later be one of Street Fighter co-creators and also would be an important member of SNK Neo Geo era, producing and idealizing many games, such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters. Later on he left SNK to create Dimps (3rd party developer of many Bandai-Namco games and SF4/SFV), which he's the president until this day.

  3. debieron hacer una versión nueva de esta maravilla de juego , yo al menos me haré una polera

  4. The music sounds a lot like the one of Paperboy on the Sega Master System

  5. Used to -play this at a laundry with a flatmate

  6. Wow forgot about this one. Moon Patrol looks a lot like lightning McQueen

  7. I played this game time and time again in the arcade back in the day. Go to a good movie, then the arcade, out to eat, cruise and listen to good music. The 80's were the best.

  8. I've totally forgotten this game until I just saw the video. It was great for its time!

  9. O MAME*****, TEM _ 1, OU DOIS? PORQUÊ?

  10. My friend uncle has a tabletop version of this game in the den. Us kids often got to play it, and we got good. The championship course doesn't change, except for the frequency, number and type of spacecraft, trending to favouring those awful crater bombing ones that can easily ruin your game. The ground adversaries always stay in the same position, and of the same type, so are easy to predict and destroy or jump!

  11. Tolles spiel was für früher am Automaten oft gespielt haben.

  12. sí_,,, Concentra,,,, in_70%, dós prédadores,,,,,Dava in 3x_píx r2//////

  13. The online computer 🖥️💻 VG (video game) 🎮🎯 I missed the most is: 'Prehistoric Blast.' It's just that I've; made a few alterations, on the VG (video game's) mural.

  14. há patrulha, vácinou,,, voo_apertar///////

  15. ёпрст – тут надо второго игрока на ПВО, чисто пулемётом управлять

  16. Love this game I would leave home for school early so I can play this before the school bus came good times

  17. Used to love this game👍🏻used to cost 10 pence ago .Nearly 40 years ago !wow scary! Forty years from 1982 would of been 1942! ( always been good at mathematics 👍🏻)

  18. Che spettacolo…indimenticabili I primi games della mia vita… Avevo solo 11 anni… Come passa il tempo 😢💖

  19. Played this beauty as a little 3 y o kid, my father sold his atari soon.
    Now I'll buy it on ps4 and play it after 30 years. I'm excited 👏🏽💯

  20. Esta, Parte??? sí Pula!!! KOname???100? Nome? Dá_none!!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  21. I beat stage 1 one second faster than you

  22. I always liked games where u get a good bAng for ur quarter .

  23. Looks like an Argo 6×6….now I just need to install blasters on the AATV

  24. Why did it suddenly go to Beginner Mode at the end? Is that a game bug that happens when you get that far or did you just get tired of playing?

  25. I remember playing this game….It was awesome!!!

  26. you said rage quit , but … holy cow …. this vid makes me think of HOW OOOOOOld I am

    did I pay money for this.

    I can't remember.

  27. Took me so long to find the title of this game! Finally found it!

  28. I only played this a handful of times back in the arcade, but I played the Atari 2600 version a ton of times. (And watching this video, I can see that the 2600 version was pretty accurate, aside from graphics and exactly one missing enemy)

  29. I'm 52 and I use to run away from my chores at home just to play moon patrol only for my step father to surprise punch my head in to get my ass back home and finish my chores lol!

  30. Many quarters spent on this game and many joints toked down the alley near the arcade. Those were the days. Not a care in the world. Except where to get my next stack of quarters and bag o weed. lol And at least it all got us out of the house and had a place to socialize. …unlike todays gen.

  31. I put WAY too many quarters into this machine as a kid.

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