Modern Accessories for Retro Gaming vol 5 - Game Sack -

Modern Accessories for Retro Gaming vol 5 – Game Sack

Game Sack
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319 – It seems like cool new stuff is always coming out to enhance out retro gaming experiences. Not that I’m complaining! Let’s check some newer products out!

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  1. That's kind of bad that the SSD3 Pro still has all those bugs, especially with the FMV games. Those problems should have been completed resolved now from the original release.

  2. Do you prefer the xStation over the MODE?

  3. Damn! I really wanted the memcard pro for my slim. I have the original ps2 and it works fine, except it reads the games very slowly at startup.

  4. Does the XStation work with JP games and fan translations?

  5. Out of curiosity, can anyone tell me what differences or advantages one would have if they used a HDMI mod for their retro console like the PS1Digital over an upscaler like the OSSC or retrotink?

  6. I think HDMI still has a long time left joe i mean most people still dont have a lot of 4k 120fps content and i can imagine new HDMI's lasting up to 10k then it might hit some limitations funny though a big problem by then will be heat dissipation a heat sink of fan may be needed kind of mad ram and SSD's need heatsinks now what next a heatsink for the fan

  7. where's Dave I'm starting to think they had a falling out

  8. you need the dithering and scanlines for silent hill if you don't the fog is broken

  9. If Limited Run/retro game companies and other cool YouTubers like your own is all we need to keep the coolness going in retro/gaming 🙂

  10. I've experimenting wth the this great new device. It's called a CRT television. You can play all your old retro consoles on it! No lag; no sodering, no file manipulation. It's just plug and play, and, best, you get what people say is an 'authentic' experience!

  11. How many hundreds of hours of game progress did I lose with my memory cards?

  12. To be honest the x station os a hard no for me..i mean i use my ps1 very seldomly , i usually use my ps3 to play ps1 games and that keeps me happy, but i did rin into a problem with lower tier cheaper financed games like brian dead 13 and time commando. Brian dead 13 i loved as a yoinger stupid lad but how i put up with the choppy gameplay is beyond me. Still i own brian dead but i hardly wanna dig oit my ps1 to play it when i can play better ps1 games on the ps3 with an hdmi output.

  13. wait. do you downvote your own videos?

  14. What a time to be a PC Engine fan. I've been going back and forth between picking up a Super HD System Pro 3 and waiting for the Analogue Duo (on the off chance I'll get one). This overview was definitely helpful! … but I still can't make up my mind.

  15. Me personally, I'm fine with composite in the original resolutions on a CRT but these devices are really cool.

  16. Can you make special episode for NEO-GEO CDZ, Modern accessories for retro gaming. Thanks Game Sack!

  17. There's retro gaming, and then there's Game Sack retro gaming.

  18. Where's the mod that replaces every single video game ending
    with Joe saying "That's it, the end."

  19. What a time to be a retro gamer. The community of hardware developers making this stuff has me really excited to see what's next.
    I've installed all these digital video mods, ODDE kits, and I'll buy all the future kits too! Really looking forward to the PS2digital.

  20. 00:38 R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 – Lucid Rhythms, instant nostaliga, I loved Gran Turismo on the PS1, but I also love Ridge Racer and music was awesome.

  21. I always knew he was actually a British criminal mastermind.

  22. You should put the names of the games in the corner or something.

  23. How on Earth do you know so much about how console video/sound output works? I didn't understand half the video; but it was still entertaining.

  24. "…the artist formerly known as Voultar"

  25. Hey Joe, one question: How does the Xstation Optical drive deals with games that have copy protection like Spyro 3?
    I know that on emulators you need an SBI file to avoid the copy protection to trigger but Spyro 3 has a very weird copy protection that is about checking the disc wobble or something.
    Have you tried it yet?

  26. I think my favorite thing has been the Rad2X. 8bitdo bluetooth dongles for retro consoles are a big plus as well. Love the Gameboy style controllers.

  27. That is some of the cleanest PlayStation footage I have ever seen Wow!

  28. Scan lines are for gamers who lie to themselves.

  29. "So, I replaced the CD drive with an SD card, replaced the memory card with an SD card, replaced the video output with HDMI, …."

    At what point do you just save hundreds of dollars and use an emulator with a USB controller? If you're not going 100% authentic with an original console with a real physical game played on a CRT, you've already lost the "accuracy" so just use a good emulator and be done. Most of these mods actually end up with worse performance than an emulator anyway and don't offer all of the cool features like save states, true upscaling, quality smoothing filters, etc. Collect to collect but this is just missing the point of all of this.

  30. I hate when Sega dithers, so much! And I'm not even a Nintendo fanboy or anything.
    I just grew up with Nintendo and still own every console, that's all.

  31. I cannot roll my R’s. Like, at all. Bravo, Joe. Bravo.

  32. Awesome stuff, I wish I had not sold my old playstation.

  33. The PS1 is still a pretty impressive machine.

  34. Yes I do like to learn about these mods and new things even if I dont plan on buying them, thank you! Go GameSack!

  35. my psx disc drive just died so I am seriously considering the x station and buying another 2nd hand psx for my collection.

  36. This is one my favorite series you do. Great to see a round up of all the new retro gear!

  37. It's always neat to hear about stuff like this. All 3 PS1 ODEs have issues, though. I have a PSIO, and overall it's been very good, but I have had issues with it. The MODE isn't focused on one system, so it works, but it's apparently the worst of the 3. X station takes a different approach, and apparently is a bit better right now than PSIO, with more updates more often.

    I also have a memcard pro, and I can't recommend that thing enough. It apparently does work on a slim PS2 if you mod the PS2, and it apparently has a hardware issue if you plug two into the same console, but why do you need 2?

  38. "Paletté"…Do you lift your pinky when you sip your tea? DO you eat a Snickers bar with a knife and fork??

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