Modding My Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine!! [DAY 8] -

Modding My Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine!! [DAY 8]

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EPIC Upgrades to My Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine!! [DAY 8] | unCAGEDgamez
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Welcome to Day 8 in my 11 Days of Mortal Kombat! In this episode I take my Mortal Kombat Arcade1Up and modified it! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy and be sure to come back everyday for another episode!

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MUSIC INTRO: Jafunk – Debut
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  1. Everybody that’s planning to get a decal please get it with caution because it could ruin your arcade one up cabinet I have purchased a decal it was a very very extremely difficult to put on top it off it wasn’t even the right size for the screen you have to cut it and it’s difficult and the move list print is very hard to seetoo small the decal is junk

  2. Getting the light up marquee is something that I was gonna get for mine but I haven’t gotten around to it

  3. Stop making making crunching videos can you at least make a different kind of video by Nerdy Mortal Kombat Ya Ya by now if you want to come back yeah yeah I'm sorry I like Johnny Cage I don't know who else. Like Johnny Cage stop making by Adam Mortal Kombat and can you please make something else better I am unsubscribing to gulley's 100 channels I've made

  4. boy geming boy exe yang paling kamu sukai dari says:


  5. I got a arcade for Christmas and it has the light up marquee

  6. Love how cool Cage's gear and stuff is.

    I'm currently 15 years old and Soon when I can get my first house I will be buying some gear similar to what cage has

  7. The thumbnail is pretty false. He shows the original machine from 1993 in the thumbnail but instead he's just modding the Arcade1up version.

  8. that intro will never ever get old i love the intro

  9. FUCK ALL THIS SHIT! Buy an xarcade tankstick, hook it up to any cpu or laptop not more than 10 years old and a computer desk. Maybe a wooden box with some trays if you want to add height. 8 screws and any marquee you want on each game (the marquee is the move list he has). I have it has one of the setups for MK. Way easier than all this rich kid bullshit and you get every arcade game, nes, snes, etc., with a simple google search. Want multiplayer online? Look up Fightcade.

  10. No sabía que coreano vlogs también hace reseñas de vidiojuegos

  11. I hate that light bleed on the screen lol love the bezel though


  13. You’re a nice guy you don’t even say bad words in your video

  14. Bruh, it looks dope asf, like fr, I’m so jealous, still trynna get a mk 1up, and ong when I do, I’m coming back to this vid to do the same thing

  15. Cool and all but god damn that room is trash lol common man get to it! Get some cool shit.

  16. "I pimped my ride, what did you pimped?"

  17. Just picked up 2 of the supreme releases of this bad boy, super stoked to mod my personal one out.

  18. Yo low key it would be pretty cool to the makers of mortal combat to create ur own game called UnCAGEDkombat that would be accually pretty awesome

  19. I’ve modded mine to have light up buttons and the thing you did at the top and I’ve modded mine to have over 10,000 games also I forgot a upgraded sound system

  20. Alternative title how to modify your old Mortal Kombat arcade system

  21. Welcome back to mtv cribs mortal kombat edition

  22. Ausome you just have to buy the Mk3 side art now.

  23. Cool now it just needs a gsync monitor with a mini PC running mame with crt filters and all new joysticks and buttons 🙂

  24. I added the illuminated buttons to mine and it looks damn good. I might have to get that marquee. Upgading these machines are fun as hell!

  25. Do anyone here know the name of old ninja game say hopa when do magic as he can become twice the game look such shinobi plz

  26. I used to know a guy named Markeesh in high school.

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